BestRx - BestRx Launches Your Local Pharmacy Mobile App to Expand Patient Access for Community Pharmacies

BestRx Launches Your Local Pharmacy Mobile App to Expand Patient Access for Community Pharmacies

Posted on Jun 09, 2023

We are proud to announce the launch of Your Local Pharmacy, a convenient web-based patient portal and mobile app. Understanding the growing competition and pressures community pharmacies are facing, Your Local Pharmacy helps independently owned pharmacies provide patients with the same convenient access to their prescriptions as larger pharmacy chains.

Why Apps are Important for Pharmacies

As consumers’ expectations of their cell phones and other mobile devices grow, apps are becoming increasingly important for businesses. In fact, more than 6 billion people across the globe rely on their smartphones to manage nearly all aspects of their life. Although mobile apps are in high demand and offer many benefits for users and companies alike, many small businesses have been slow to adapt. This is largely because of the time and financial investment needed to develop and maintain a mobile app.

To eliminate these barriers, BestRx now offers its Standard and Premium tier users the ability to utilize Your Local Pharmacy free of charge. This way, pharmacies in the BestRx network can offer their patients easy access to their medications and unlock all the benefits of having a mobile app, without having to add another item to their to-do list – or their bottom line.

How Your Local Pharmacy Works

Once a patient registers for a free Your Local Pharmacy account, they can view and manage their prescriptions on the web-based portal or mobile app. This includes requesting a refill, viewing their prescription status, and in some cases, even message their pharmacy with questions*. Offering easier access enhances the overall customer experience and ultimately, can lead to better medication adherence and health outcomes.

Your Local Pharmacy is convenient for pharmacies too, seamlessly integrating with their existing BestRx software. That way, refill requests are automatically added to the store’s refill queue, so they can be filled using the store’s typical workflow. Pharmacies that utilize the BestRx Messaging Interface can send customers an electronic invitation to enroll and respond to inquiries right from their software as well. BestRx also provides each store with their own custom QR code and flyers they can use to promote Your Local Pharmacy and automatically link their customer accounts to the pharmacy during enrollment.

Today, people are spending more time on their mobile devices than ever before. Small businesses that aren’t finding ways to reach their consumers on their mobile device will find it increasingly difficult to keep up with their competitors,” says Hemal Desai, President of BestRx.BestRx has always been focused on providing independent pharmacies with the tools they need to remain successful, and our Your Local Pharmacy app is a perfect example of how we continue to fulfill that commitment.”

Utilizing an online portal and a mobile app, like Your Local Pharmacy, both the pharmacy and their patients benefit from the expanded access and added convenience they provide. Not only will patients be able to manage their prescriptions from anywhere in a few taps, but the pharmacy can stay in front of their patients, increase medication adherence, and grow their business.

*The BestRx Messaging Interface must be enabled to send electronic communication to patients.