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BestRx Announces Integration with NimbleRx

Posted on Feb 05, 2024

BestRx is proud to announce its award-winning pharmacy management software is now integrated with NimbleRx and its user-friendly platform that facilitates an efficient flow of prescriptions, payments and more between pharmacies and patients.

About the Integration

The newly launched integration enables BestRx pharmacies to utilize Nimble’s HIPAA-compliant platform to send prescription-related messages to their patients, collect electronic payment remotely – even after hours, and schedule deliveries for prescriptions and OTC items when needed. Not only is the platform an efficient tool for the pharmacy, but Nimble’s customer-facing app enhances the patient experience by providing expanded access and added convenience as well.

By integrating with the pharmacy’s existing BestRx software, patient and prescription information can be synced to the Nimble platform, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This reduces the potential for human error and the total amount of time spent on each interaction. The platform also allows pharmacies to initiate online payments via text message, increase sales by recommending OTC items, capture and store electronic signatures, review order history information and download sales receipts.

 As a result, pharmacies that utilize Nimble often see an increase in their refill and OTC sales and a reduction in the total amount of phone calls to their store, boosting their productivity.

What Our Leadership Is Saying

“By integrating with Nimble, BestRx is able to offer our customers additional tools to help grow their business,” says Hemal Desai, President of BestRx. “Our focus continues to remain on expanding our software capabilities to not only provide operational efficiencies for the pharmacy but enhance the patient experience as well. We are constantly adding new features and integrations to helps us do just that.”

Scott, Vice President of Sales at NimbleRx, echoed his excitement for the partnership with BestRx, stating, “Together, we are not just expanding software capabilities; we’re crafting a transformative experience for independent pharmacies. Enabling a new revenue stream in 2024, our first-in-class mobile checkout solution ensures operational efficiencies while enhancing patient access. With a shared passion for servicing independent pharmacies, our collaboration with BestRx opens doors for elevated patient experiences and increased OTC sales, marking a significant stride towards pharmacy innovation.”

Learn More

Independent pharmacies interested in learning more about the integration between BestRx and Nimble are encouraged to contact us to learn more.