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101-A: Bestrx User Interface
In this installment of our video tutorial series, we will go over the basic user interface of our software and how to perform basic daily tasks with it.
101-B: Language Translations & Sig Code Setup
In this video we cover the language translation features available to your patients in BestRx, as well as how to add and manage your pharmacy’s Sig Codes.
102: Filling your first Rx
In this video we go over a basic prescription entry and what is involved with filling an rx, this is intended towards newer users to the BestRx Pharmacy Software.
102-A: Basic Insurance Claims
In this video we talk about adding insurance plans to a patient’s file both manually and via the master insurance file, how to do an eligibility verification for a patient, and the process of submitting claims to insurances
102-C: BestRx & E-Signature
In this video we talk about the Electronic Signature program or E-Sig. Topics will include, explaining what the E-Sig program is, pulling up prescriptions for a patient in the program, capturing signatures for those prescriptions, how to delete a signature, and the Dispensed Signature Log.
102-D: Transferring RXs
In this video we talk about Transferring Rx’s in the BestRx Software. Topics include, transferring an entire prescription, transferring a single fill for a prescription, Electronic transfers, adding to the transfer pharmacy file, and the transfer Rx report.
103: Intro to Pharmacy Management
Over this series we examine common administrative tasks, and features. The goal is to cover optional, and maintenance tasks that may improve efficiency or accuracy at the pharmacy. In this entry we cover adding users to the system, and managing their access rights.
103-A: Administrative Functions
In this series, we’ll discuss common administrative tasks, and the corresponding BestRx features. We’ll cover both optional and maintenance tasks that can help your pharmacy become more efficient and accurate. In this video, we’ll cover: Control reporting. Updating drug information. Price updates.
104-A: COB Terms & Other Coverage Codes
In this video, we review, what Split Billing is, and when it is used, the purpose of an Explanation of Benefits, and the information it includes, and the most common Other Coverage Codes you will encounter.
104-B: Performing Split Billing in BestRx
In this video we continue to explore coordination of benefits between insurances, also referred to as “COB” or split billing. Topics include, manual split billing in BestRx, and how to automate the split billing process.
104-C: Split Billing for Medicare-Medicaid & COB Rejections
In this video, we cover more complex split billing situations, including Split billing from Medicare to Medicaid, Locating your state’s Medicaid Payor Sheet, and Understanding and addressing rejections.
105-A: Understanding DIR Fees
In this video we will go over DIR Fees and other PBM clawbacks, and how you can manage them in the BestRx program.
106: Intro to Inventory Management
In this video we take a look at the basics of inventory management. Topics discussed include adding suppliers to your system, performing manual updates, the different inventory reports, and what EDI is and how it may benefit your pharmacy.
106-A: Advanced Inventory Options
In this video we explore the more advanced Inventory Options. Topics discussed include returning inventory to suppliers, transferring inventory between pharmacies, and Resetting the Inventory.
106-B: Understanding EDI
In this video we take a deeper look at EDI. Topics include file types, purchase orders, processing files, and addressing errors.
107-A: Vaccine Billing
This video goes over how to bill for a vaccine, how to manage fees, and insurance rejections when it comes to vaccines within the BestRx Software.