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Our pharmacist-centric design makes BestRx one of the easiest to learn and easiest to use pharmacy software solutions on the market. With a variety of features intuitively designed for simplicity, BestRx can update and modernize your pharmacy in no time.

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There’s a very good reason our customers are our #1 brand advocates. When software is so intuitive and easy-to-use that you forget what life was like before it, you’d feel guilty if you didn’t let others in on your secret to success.

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“BestRx is easy and effective. Our business has grown due to our ability to process prescriptions quickly and efficiently for our patients, so everyone is happy! Best system I have ever used.”

Emily B. | Owner/Pharmacist

“Our pharmacy could not function without BestRx. It’s easy to use and ensures everything runs smoothly. Plus, BestRx is always on top of the ever-changing Federal and State requirements and if you have an issue, they’re right there to help.”

Dawn E. | Pharmacist

“BestRx is the old reliable. I love this pharmacy software and can’t imagine anything else. It’s easy to use and always consistent. The price point makes it a no brainer.”

Majd I. | Pharmacist


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