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Cloud-based Backups for Pharmacies

5 Advantages of Cloud-Based Backups for Pharmacies

Posted on Apr 20, 2022

Pharmacy management software frees your pharmacy of paper clutter and manual processes, so you can operate more efficiently. However, as you streamline your operations, you should also have a plan to protect one of your most important pharmacy assets – your data. You may be tempted to just back up your data to a portable flash drive, but manual backups are time-consuming and aren’t as secure as other methods. Instead, we recommend using cloud-based backups, which offer several advantages over manual methods. Cloud-based backups save you time, because they’re performed automatically each day, transmitting data directly from your BestRx software to a secure, remote server. This provides you with a higher level of security and easier retrieval, if needed.

Below are 5 advantages of cloud-based backups for pharmacies:
Added Convenience 1. Added Convenience

Automatic, cloud-based backups are more convenient than manual methods. Instead of having to perform a backup yourself, you can schedule backups to run behind the scenes each day. Plus, once in the cloud, your data is automatically sorted for you too. This means you don’t need to spend time labeling and filing your data in order to find it later either.

data security 2. Stronger Security

Storing your data offsite in the cloud adds an extra layer of security a flash drive can’t provide. Not only does it protect against technical issues and hacks, but it also protects against environmental threats like theft, floods and fires.

better compliance3. Increased Compliance

You work hard to keep your patient and pharmacy information safe within your pharmacy. It’s important your backups are just as secure.  That’s why cloud-based backups include encryption services to ensure your data is protected offsite as well.  Flash drives on the other hand, can be misplaced or end up in the wrong hands.

data recovery 4. Easier Access (and Recovery)

Cloud-based backups use multiple redundancy levels, storing multiple copies of your data in different locations. This provides added protection against accidental loss or deletion. Plus, in the event of a loss, the data is easier to find and restore than manual backups. With our cloud-based solution, you can restore your data with a quick call to our customer support team.

Better Use of Resources 5. Better Use of Resources

Cloud-based backups are actually more cost-effective than manual methods. Manual methods require you to purchase the flash drive as well as the storage and transportation media needed to keep your data secure. With cloud-based backups, you don’t need to invest in any additional hardware. Plus, manual backups (and retrievals) are much more time-consuming compared to cloud-based ones that run behind the scenes in your BestRx software.

To keep your pharmacy data secure, BestRx has partnered with CloudBerry to offer easy cloud-based backups. By automating your pharmacy backups with BestRx, not only will you save time, but your data is more secure and accessible too.

To learn more about the advantages of cloud-based backups for your pharmacy, contact BestRx customer support.

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