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BestRx Helps Pharmacies Eliminate Paper Clutter

6 Ways to Eliminate Paper Clutter with BestRx

Posted on Jan 06, 2022

Managing the day-to-day activity at your pharmacy can be hectic enough. The last thing you need is to be slowed down by piles of paper cluttering up your workspace. Automating your pharmacy with BestRx Pharmacy Management Software is not only more eco-friendly, but it also enables you to operate more efficiently and provide a better experience for your patients. Here are six ways you can eliminate paper clutter with BestRx. 

ePrescribing & Electronic Refill Requests

BestRx is fully integrated with all US ePrescribing networks. That means you can electronically receive and process new prescriptions and refill requests. (If you have multiple locations, you can also transfer prescriptions electronically to any of your other BestRx locations.)

Electronic Faxing

You can send secure, HIPAA-compliant electronic faxes directly from BestRx. This includes prescription communications and prior authorization requests. (To take advantage of this feature, you must utilize one of our two E-faxing partners, UpDocs and SRFax.

Document & Prescription Scanning

You can quickly scan and store hard copies of prescriptions or other documents and store them within your software. This eliminates the need for the paper copy while keeping the information easily accessible to you.

Electronic Signature Capture

You can obtain electronic patient signatures with our E-Signature Capture Program, which automatically updates the dispense status once signature has been obtained. Plus, you can store and quickly access your patient signatures when needed.

Electronic Claim Submissions & Payment Reconciliation

BestRx also streamlines your claims submission and payment process. You can automatically submit prescription claims to payors and utilize the real-time claim adjudication and electronic payment reconciliation features.

Electronic Patient Messaging

Increase your medication adherence and patient loyalty with secure text/email alerts from BestRx. You can send customizable communication including pickup alerts, refill reminders, welcome/birthday messages and more. Plus, your patients can also communicate with your pharmacy, sending refill requests directly from their smartphone or PC.


If you’re ready to go paperless, schedule a free demo and learn how BestRx can eliminate paper clutter from your daily workflow and operate more efficiently.