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6 Ways MedSync Benefits Your Patients & Pharmacy

Posted on Feb 27, 2023

Approximately two-thirds of Americans don’t take their medications as prescribed. This negatively impacts treatment outcomes and costs the US healthcare system an estimated $300 billion each year. That’s why prescribers, payors and pharmacists alike are focused on ways to improve treatment adherence. Patients that are on multiple medications for chronic health conditions often find it especially difficult to stay on track with their medications. Not only do they have to remember how to take each medication, but if they have different refill dates, it means multiple trips to the pharmacy as well. Filling a patient’s scripts individually on different days throughout the month creates more work for the pharmacy too. To help, the BestRx software includes a convenient Medication Synchronization (MedSync) feature as part of its Standard and Premium tiers. MedSync enables pharmacies to quickly calculate short fills and sync multiple medications for a patient to the same fill date. The system can also prompt pharmacies to sync new prescriptions to an existing refill schedule as they’re being entered as well. This makes things simpler for everyone involved. In fact, here are six ways MedSync benefits your patients and pharmacy:  

Added Convenience.

MedSync reduces the number of trips patients make to your pharmacy each month. This Is especially helpful for patients with transportation challenges or a busy schedule.

Better Patient Compliance.

When patients can pick up all their prescriptions at one time, it eliminates the risk that medications are forgotten. Plus, pharmacies can complete Medication Therapy Management (MTM) consults at the time of pickup. This way, pharmacies can check in on the patient’s treatment progress and review dispensing directions. Streamlining the refill and pickup process and checking in with patients increases medication adherence, which in turn benefits their health and can reduce the cost of care and financial burden on our health system overall.

Increasing Pharmacy Revenue.

Studies have shown that MedSync programs result in an average of 2-3 additional prescription refills per participating patient per year. This repeat business, on top of the additional revenue generated by the MTM services provided, can mean significant, steady financial growth for your pharmacy.

Better Operational Efficiency.

MedSync helps your pharmacy workflow too. It enables you to shift from a reactive, transactional approach to patient care to one that’s proactive and more predictable for your patients and staff.

Improving Pharmacy Performance.

Patient adherence directly impacts a pharmacy’s performance metrics and Star Ratings. Utilizing MedSync and routinely checking in with patients helps pharmacies uncover gaps in care and aid in better health outcomes for patients. This raises the pharmacy’s performance scores and can even lower DIR fees.  

Building Stronger Relationships Between Patients and Pharmacies.

By having a set refill schedule, MedSync ensures patients and pharmacies stay connected throughout the year and over time, builds patient loyalty.

Managing multiple medications doesn’t have to be difficult for you or your patients. BestRx offers a wide range of features, including MedSync, to simplify the entire refill process for you and your patients.

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