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BestRx Features Pharmacy Customers Love

Posted on Jan 26, 2023

Your customers have more options – and expectations – than ever before. This includes where they go for medical care and to have their medications filled. That’s why it’s so important for independent pharmacies to make customer experience a priority. From offering convenient ways to contact your store and obtain their prescriptions to loyalty rewards and sales promotions, you can leverage your pharmacy software to build a loyal customer base. Here are some BestRx features pharmacy customers love:

MedSync + Promise Time

Despite your best efforts, sometimes customers arrive to pick up their prescriptions, only to discover they aren’t ready. Often, not only does this disrupt your workflow as your staff scrambles to fill the script, but it can be frustrating for the customer, too. That’s why BestRx offers two features to help pharmacies manage and prioritize prescription requests.

Medication Synchronization (MedSync) automatically calculates short fills and syncs multiple prescripts for a patient to the same fill date. This way, they can pick up all their scripts at once, rather than making multiple trips. 

With Promise Time, it’s easy for pharmacies to prioritize prescription requests. You can indicate the date and time a script is needed and even flag prescriptions for patients waiting at your store. Plus, you can quickly apply existing Promise Time settings for multiple scripts for the same patient.

BestPOS Loyalty Program

Your customers rely on your pharmacy for more than their prescriptions, purchasing a variety of over-the-counter products, too. To encourage front-end sales, our integrated point-of-sale software, BestPOS has a customizable loyalty program built-in. From assigning reward values and determining how rewards are earned to setting exclusions and printing the loyalty balance on receipts, BestPOS makes it easy to reward customer loyalty and increase your OTC sales.

Delivery + Virtual Care Options

When customers are unable to make it into your store, it’s important to have alternative ways they can contact you with questions and obtain their medications. With multiple shipping integrations, automated text and emails alerts and a Mobile Delivery App, BestRx makes prescription and OTC deliveries easy for you and your customers. In fact, customers can:

      • Receive delivery updates via text or email, through the BestRx Messaging Interface. (Depending on the shipping provider, delivery updates may include tracking numbers, too!)
      • Submit an electronic signature for their prescriptions.
      • Review and complete enrollment or consent forms when needed.

This way patients can easily monitor their delivery – without having to call your store.

When a remote medication consult is needed, our integration with Doxy provides your customers with access to free, HIPAA compliant teleconferencing services. Using a private, secure online meeting room, you can consult with customers virtually to discuss their medications and treatment plan. Plus, no data or PHI is collected or stored after the call.

These are just a few of the BestRx features designed to elevate your customer experience. For all the ways BestRx helps you offer added convenience and better care for your customers, schedule a free demo today!