The BestRx Pharmacy Management Software is Relentlessly Committed to your Success

The BestRx product suite is designed to help your business become more competitive and profitable. BestRx’s signature product consists of the company’s pharmacy management system, a Windows-based software program that can help you manage your independent pharmacy more efficiently.

The BestRx system allows you to search quickly for patients and prescriptions, process refill requests, access drug-allergy warnings, check weekly drug price updates, scan patient IDs, view claims, manage inventory, and inspect reporting. We hope you’re starting to see why independently owned pharmacies all over the United States have benefited from our pharmacy software system.

The classic BestRx system includes a suite of products such as POS software, electronic signature capture, and document management. Each is uniquely useful in streamlining your pharmacy to work more quickly and systematically. At their core, BestRx products are powerful, feature rich, and easy to use – complete pharmacy software solutions.

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Your search for the best pharmacy management software ends here. The BestRx Pharmacy Management System offers an incredibly powerful and feature-rich system. It is the complete pharmacy software solution that independent and retail pharmacies have been waiting for. Our pharmacy software system provides many of the same features of our major competitors, but for less than half the price. The BestRx system is also straightforward to use and requires little to no training. We currently have over 1,000 installations of the BestRx system nationwide and are continuously growing. Don’t hesitate – contact us to schedule a demo today!

Features of the BestRx system include:


General Features
  • Fast and flexible searching for patients, prescribers, drugs, plans, etc.
  • Electronic prescribing, including controlled prescriptions
  • Electronic refill requests
  • Highly visible notification dashboard
  • ID scanning – Use a 2-D barcode scanner to quickly populate patient information into the system — can be used when adding new patients and when dispensing controlled substances and PSE products.
  • Create customized pricing schedules
  • Manage SIG codes in multiple languages
  • Allergy and drug-interaction warnings
  • Fully ICD0-compatible
  • 340B functionality
  • Electronic prior authorization requests via CoverMyMeds
  • Document scanning and management
  • Scan signed delivery tickets and link them to the prescriptions for easy retrieval
  • Automated weekly price updates
  • Fast and simple PDMP reporting, as well as simplified error correction
  • Highly customizable labels that can be modified in minutes
  • Setup screen level access rights for each of your users for increased security
  • Create user roles to allow for simplified access rights assignment
Patient Profile
  • Highly interactive patient profile screen
  • Prescriptions due for refill as well as expired prescriptions are highly visible allowing for quick action by the user
  • Specialty drugs are highly visible on the profile
  • Refill, edit, print, transfer and verify prescriptions directly from the patient profile
  • Send refill and prior authorization requests directly from the patient profile
  • Add prescriptions to workflow queues directly from the patient profile
  • Quickly merge duplicate patients
Processing & Billing
  • Simplified split billing for patients with multiple plans
  • Eligibility checks for Medicare Part D and commercially insured patients
  • Automated payment reconciliation
  • Track prescriptions that were transferred into and out of your pharmacy
  • Enter and bill compound prescriptions
  • Rebill prescriptions with low reimbursements
  • Print 1500 insurance claim forms
  • Integrated workflow for increased tracking and auditing of your prescriptions
  • Create custom Rx queues for prescription
  • Create custom patient queues
  • Rx-verification screens to add extra layers of security and ensure patient safety
  • Create custom groups for patients, prescribers, drugs and plans for easier reporting
  • Daily log report
  • Profit and low-reimbursement reports
  • Refill-reminder reports
  • Usage summaries for patients, prescribers and drugs
  • Daily, weekly and monthly Rx-analysis reports
  • Workflow report
  • Audit reports for reversed, changed and deleted prescriptions
  • User activity log to track certain employee actions
  • Compound prescription report
  • Prescription utilization report
  • Print mailing labels for patients and prescribers
  • Dozens of additional reports
Charge Account/Accounts Receivables
  • Manage accounts receivables for your patients
  • Print statements for accounts receivable
  • Option to apply interest to past due balances
  • Inventory management; can be automated if there is an EDI interface with your wholesalers (we currently interface with over 25 different suppliers)
  • Create and send purchase orders directly from within BestRx™
  • Track when inventory is returned to the supplier
  • Track when inventory is transferred to another pharmacy
  • Update inventory using a mobile Android device
Expanding Your Business
  • MTM management
  • Track and report immunizations
  • Messaging services: text/email messaging for refill and Rx-ready reminders
  • Ability to interface with robotic systems such as ScriptPro, Parata, Kirby Lester, Eyecon, and more
  • Specialty integrations with Asembia and KloudScript
  • Integrations with 40+ leading industry partners


We deliver tailored, easy-to-use pharmacy solutions for the best value in the industry. Our pharmacy POS software is fully integrated with the BestRx pharmacy software system to help boost efficiency and profitability. BestPOS™ is reliable, easy to use, and requires minimal training. Pairing the BestPOS™ system with the BestRx system is a smart way to maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Features of the BestPOS system include:
      • Reliable, fast and flexible checkout process
      • Manage inventory and pricing with multiple wholesalers; spend less time with inventory and more time with your patients
      • MethCheck with NPLEx: Integrated with NPLEx’s Methcheck platform to validate and check PSE purchases
      • Easy-to-use reporting features to track trends within your pharmacy
      • Mobile delivery: Gives you the ability to capture signatures for prescription and OTC deliveries
      • Process credit, debit, FSA and EBT cards; EMV/chip-capable with select merchants
      • Captures prescription, credit card, HIPAA, and PSE signatures electronically
      • Built-in loyalty program to maintain and increase your customer base
      • Manage employee access rights for increased security
      • Create and manage customized promotions for your pharmacy
      • Use a 2-D barcode scanner to quickly populate patient information into the system; can be used when adding new patients and when dispensing controlled substances and PSE products.


Use a signature pad to capture signatures electronically. Our e-signature online management system allows pharmacies to efficiently capture prescription, HIPAA, credit card, and PSE signatures while accurately recording the date and time a signature was taken. This allows for easy retrieval for audits, reporting, and verification.


Our e-signature solution is fully compatible with EMV/chip technology when combined with BestPOS™ and a preferred payment processor. Pharmacies can also customize the signature pad to display the company’s logo and any promotional information through the device’s slideshow functionality.


Bridge the gap between healthcare professionals. CPESN network and BestRx partner to provide a centralized, intuitive method to document prescription specifics, interactions, goals, and more. eCare focuses on the whole patient by involving all members of the healthcare team.


BestRx was the first pharmacy management system to receive both Level 2 and Level 3 Active Medications certification from the CPESN network. This certification permits independent pharmacies using the BestRx pharmacy management software to communicate with other healthcare providers, as well as including services such as adherence packaging, collecting and storing vitals such as weight, blood pressure, and immunizations.

eCare sets the standard for patient data collaboration. It allows pharmacists to document, manage, and share patient information between all members of the patient’s healthcare team, all while utilizing a platform integrated into their existing technology. This functionality is a simple way for pharmacists to document a patient encounter from the point of identification of drug-therapy problems to the planned/executed interventions and goals for follow-up. The completed document is then kept on the patient profile to access and update when needed.


Our signature online management system also allows businesses to digitally receive shipment deliveries quickly and efficiently. With the mobile delivery signature capture feature, pharmacies can have a digital record of when all shipments were received. This can help them keep track of when ordered prescriptions and supplies reach their store.


Electronically send and receive error-free, accurate prescriptions by becoming part of the Surescripts network. Surescripts allows pharmacies to instantly retrieve original prescription information without the need to search through paper records.


E-prescribing reduces unnecessary phone calls and faxes when searching for refill requests and authorizations. This ensures fast and efficient workflow by eliminating the need for manual data entry and record keeping. Surescripts will improve patient safety and outcomes by realizing a 10%* first-fill increase.

BestRx is fully EPCS-certified for controlled prescriptions, ensuring electronic record keeping, thus reducing fraud and abuse.



Worried about misplacing other information regarding prescriptions, patients, prescribers, or drugs? Scan or import documents directly into BestRx for safekeeping. Our document management feature makes it easy to organize essential documents for quick and painless retrieval whenever they’re needed. Combined with a backup, these records are safely stored through our pharmacy management system documentation.


Our document management feature supports numerous files types such as PDF, Word, Excel, text files, and common image files types such as JPG, PNG, and GIF.


Send electronic faxes directly and efficiently from within BestRx for refill and prior authorization requests. Eliminate the need for unnecessary printouts and extra landlines.

Our simple, reliable, and cost-effective e-fax solution is HIPAA-compliant, ensuring your health information is completely secure.


Our nursing home MAR and long-term care feature provides the tools to give patients and their care centers the best service possible. This system allows pharmacies to organize multiple facilities to easily print medication-administration records, physician order forms, weekly planners, and more.


Cater to nursing home and LTC needs by providing unit-dose packaging and multi-dose packaging for simple medication administration. BestRx also integrates with multiple nursing home MAR providers to help strengthen relationships with LTC facilities in the community.


Create customizable, timely, and relevant text and email campaigns with the messaging services offered within BestRx. Pharmacies will be able to send automated refill and appointment reminders, invite patients for vaccinations, and manage the will-call bin, reducing the return to stock. Our messaging services also allow businesses to reach out to targeted patients or sent out communications to the entire patient population. Retail and independent pharmacies can increase medication adherence and star ratings while eliminating the hurdles that prevent patients from receiving their refills. All of this and more can be done through sending appointment and refill reminders, managing sync patients, conducting MTMs, and providing consultations.


At BestRx, we interface with the top interactive voice-responsive providers such as Telemanager, VoiceTech, Vow, and ATEB. This allows pharmacy customers to get store hours, speak to a staff member, and request refills through phone, text, or email. As soon as a patient requests a refill through the pharmacy IVR system, BestRx will send an alert and immediately add the request to a particular queue for quick and easy processing.


Fully utilize the pharmacy IVR system by sending automated outbound communications such as refill reminders, will-call reminders, birthday greetings, and more. An IVR system can help maximize revenue, increase productivity and efficiency, and improve patient outcomes and adherence.


Never worry about backups again! BestRx offers services to automatically backup data to a secure, encrypted, HIPAA-compliant cloud server – saving valuable time at the end of the day. Pharmacies will receive a detailed email notification with the result of every backup task, keeping business owners informed of the status of their data. In the event of a disaster, pharmacy owners can have peace of mind knowing their data is securely backed up on a regular basis.


Entering the specialty market can be a daunting task for independent pharmacies, but the rewards are enormous. The specialty segment is one of the fastest growing sectors of the pharmaceutical industry, and with the high costs associated with these drugs; it is also one of the most profitable.


BestRx™ has real-time integrations with Asembia and Kloudscript to allow businesses to bridge the gap between retail and specialty pharmacy. This is part of our commitment to helping independent pharmacies diversify their offerings to stay profitable in an increasingly competitive environment.