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Tips to Promote Your Local Pharmacy

Posted on May 26, 2023

Mobile apps are beneficial to customers and businesses alike. However, they’re only effective if they’re being used. That’s why it’s important to notify your customers about Your Local Pharmacy once your store is enrolled. Otherwise, you could end up missing out on the benefits of having the app, simply because your customers don’t know about it! To help you get the word out, here are some tips to promote Your Local Pharmacy at your store.

Invite customers to enroll.

You can encourage customers to create a Your Local Pharmacy account using an email template in our Messaging Interface. The template invites customers to register and download the app, using: 

      • A pre-populated message introducing Your Local Pharmacy.
      • A registration link that’s tied to their store.
      • An account verification process for added security.

The store-specific link not only simplifies the enrollment process, but it ensures your customer’s accounts are assigned to your pharmacy. That way, they won’t have to spend time searching for your store or worry about accidentally sending a refill request to the wrong pharmacy.

Display Your Local Pharmacy flyers around your store.

You can also use our convenient Your Local Pharmacy flyer templates to promote the app. The template can even be customized for your store. This includes: 

      • Choosing either a black and white or color flier.
      • Adding your pharmacy information and your unique QR code for easy enrollment.
      • Selecting what pharmacist image you’d like to use.

Once your flier is ready, they can be displayed around your store or distributed during checkout. 

Add a reminder on prescription labels.

You can add a reminder about Your Local Pharmacy on prescription labels as well. That way, when it’s time for a refill, customers are prompted to use the app to submit their request. Using your pharmacy-specific QR code is the easiest way to do this. Patients can quickly bring up the Your Local Pharmacy app using the camera on their smartphone or mobile device. Then, they can complete their refill request in just a few taps.

Add information and the registration link for your store online.

If your pharmacy has a website, you can include information about Your Local Pharmacy and your registration link there as well. We recommend placing it near your store’s contact information and anywhere you reference prescription refills. That way, it’s highly visible and easy for customers to access. You can also add information on your pharmacy’s business listing, so it’s visible to potential customers looking to have prescriptions filled in your area. This can help you attract new business to your store by highlighting some of the convenient services you offer.

Send Email and Text Reminders.

If you utilize our Messaging Interface, you can create a general message template, reminding customers about Your Local Pharmacy, including its benefits and how to enroll. Then, the reminder can be set up to be sent to all, or a select group of customers. Plus, you can add the Your Local Pharmacy link to any automated refill reminders being sent through the Messaging Interface as well.

Offering a mobile app is just the first step. To unlock all the benefits an app provides, it’s essential your customers know about and use it. Request a free demo to learn more about how the Your Local Pharmacy patient portal and mobile app can help boost your customer experience and your bottom line.