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5 Reasons Your Pharmacy Needs a Mobile App

Posted on Apr 26, 2023

The way consumers interact with businesses has changed a lot over the last two decades. Gone are the days when people relied on the Yellow Pages, and thanks to advancements in technology, even making a phone call is becoming a thing of the past. Now, more than 6 billion people across the globe rely on smartphones for pretty much everything, from connecting with friends, family, and work to entertainment and making purchases. As people’s expectations of their devices grow, so does the demand for mobile apps. Mobile apps offer many benefits for users and businesses alike. Here are five reasons your pharmacy needs a mobile app:

Added value/convenience for customers.

The internet/technology has changed the ways all business function.  Now, it’s no longer enough to have a brick-and-mortar store, you need an online presence, too.  This includes maintaining your Google Business Profile, establishing a website, and obtaining online reviews. Not only will it allow you to reach more potential customers, but it provides easier access for customers as well. Mobile apps take it a step further, bringing your pharmacy even closer to consumers, enabling them to connect with your store in just a few taps.

Faster response times.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, your response time can significantly impact customer satisfaction. A mobile app can facilitate quick, easy communication between your pharmacy and its customers. They’ll be able to request refills, monitor each prescription’s status and send messages to the pharmacy from their mobile device, whenever and wherever they are.  

Automated updates/alerts.

Mobile applications keep customers informed about their medications, without requiring them to call your store. Plus, with a few settings in your software, you can enable notifications to be sent to your customers automatically after certain actions are performed. This includes confirmation the refill request was received, ready for pickup notifications, pickup confirmations, refill alerts and more. This way, patients are notified every step of the way, without requiring any additional work for your staff. Pharmacies that utilize BestRx Messaging Interface can even communicate with their customers through the HIPAA-secure mobile app.

Increased customer engagement and loyalty.

Customer engagement is directly related to increased loyalty and ultimately, more revenue. Having a mobile app puts your pharmacy in front of your customers every day. It’s a visual reminder of your store and the added convenience serves as an incentive to utilize your pharmacy again. By making it easier for customers to fill their medications, you’ll build an active, loyal customer base and the recurring business will boost your overall profitability, too.

To Stay Competitive.

Keeping up with retail giants like Amazon and national chains has become a difficult task for many independent pharmacies. Many of your competitors have mobile apps, so it’s important to offer your customers the same, convenient access. Then, you’ll be providing the best of both worlds – expanded access to your store and the personalized care a big box store just can’t provide.

Sounds pretty great, right? So, what’s the catch?

Developing an app is expensive and requires technical expertise many independent pharmacies just don’t have. That’s why BestRx is proud to offer its customers access to an online patient portal and mobile app, Your Local Pharmacy*. Both the web-based portal and mobile app are customized to your pharmacy and help you grow your business and better care for your customers, without taking on the hassle and expense of creating an app on your own. Plus, BestRx provides you with electronic customer registration templates and fliers you can use to promote the web portal and app, too.

Request a demo to learn more about how BestRx and the Your Local Pharmacy mobile app can help you grow your business.

*Your Local Pharmacy is included in BestRx’s Standard and Premium tiers.