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10 Types of Electronic Patient Communications for Pharmacies

Posted on Apr 25, 2022

It can be difficult to stay in communication with your pharmacy customers, especially if you’re relying on face-to-face interactions and phone calls. To help, BestRx offers 10 types of electronic patient communications for pharmacies through our Messaging Interface.

The Messaging Interface allows you to quickly communicate with patients by sending general pharmacy updates and patient-specific prescription information* through email or text. You can send electronic messages manually or have them go out automatically after certain actions are performed. The interface also makes it easy for patients to respond back to your pharmacy. They can use the 2-way chat feature and easily submit refill requests online. Plus, if you need to refer back, you can view a patient’s message history right from your BestRx software too.

The Messaging Interface includes 10 types of electronic patient communications for pharmacies, which are outlined below. 
1. Refill reminders

You can use electronic messages to alert patients to prescriptions that are due for a refill. The reminder will direct the patient to a BestRx-hosted, HIPPA-secure web page. Once on the page, they will be asked to enter their date of birth in order to view their prescriptions. Then, they can select the prescriptions they want refilled and if they will be picking up their prescriptions or want them delivered. Plus, your pharmacy will be notified of an online refill request in real-time.

2. Ready for pickup alerts

When a prescription is ready for pickup, you can notify your patients with a quick electronic message. For added convenience, the notifications can be sent automatically after a prescription has been marked “ready for pickup” in your system.

3. General pharmacy updates

The messaging interface can also be used to send general pharmacy information to your patients as well. This includes communicating changes to your pharmacy hours (including holiday closures), new services, seasonal vaccine availability and more.

4. Pick-up reminders 

When patients forget to pick up their prescriptions, you can send them an electronic reminder. In fact, pickup reminders can be automatically sent for any prescriptions still waiting to be picked up from the previous day.

5. Shipping notifications 

If you utilize our Shipping Interface, electronic delivery updates are also available. They generate automatically, once a tracking number has been assigned in your system and allow patients to track their delivery without having to call your pharmacy.

6. Pick-up confirmations

You can send an electronic confirmation to patients once a prescription has been picked up. These messages are especially helpful for families that pick-up scripts for one another.

7. Review requests 

You can obtain quick feedback from your patients by sending electronic review requests. To make it easy for patients to leave a review, the request includes a link to your pharmacy’s Google Business Listing. Plus, a review request can be sent automatically after a prescription has been filled.  

8. Welcome greeting

With BestRx, you can also create a custom welcome message for your new pharmacy patients. Once established, the greeting can be automatically sent the day after a new patient is entered into your system. 

9. Birthday messages

You can have birthday messages automatically sent to patients each day. Not only are these messages a great way to connect with your patients, but they also show them that you care. 

10. Contact verification 

To validate a patient’s email and/or cell phone number for future communications, you can send electronic verification messages. The patient will be sent an email or text that contains a security code the patient will need to share with you. Once the code has been entered into the system, their phone number and/or email will be marked as verified in your system.

With so many electronic messages to choose from, BestRx makes it easy for you to communicate with your pharmacy patients. Plus, you can use your refill reminder and patient listing reports to easily identify which patients you need to follow up with and send messages directly from those reports. 

The Messaging Interface is included in our Premium tier. It can also be added to our Basic or Standard tiers for a monthly fee. If you have questions or would like to add the Messaging Interface to your BestRx software, contact customer support.

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*Please keep in mind, messages are sent using normal SMS, so PHI and any other HIPAA-protected information should not be included.