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2022 Accomplishments

Our 2022 Accomplishments

Posted on Dec 27, 2022

For nearly 40 years, BestRx’s mission has been to provide independent pharmacies with the tools needed to be more profitable and efficient. That’s why we continue to expand our software capabilities, growing with the changing needs of our customers and their patients – and this year was no exception. Thanks to the efforts of our team and vendor partners, we were able to achieve a lot.

In fact, some of our biggest accomplishments in 2022 include adding: 
  • Automatic PDMP reporting (for all states).
  • New Delivery and Shipping functionality, with:
    • Our newest shipping integration with EasyPost, so pharmacies can easily track USPS shipments in BestRx – in addition to their FedEx and UPS deliveries.
    • Real-time driver tracking through our convenient Mobile Delivery App.
  • Two new electronic patient alerts (which are sent as either an email or text message) in our Messing Interface, which are:
    • NewRx notifications (alerting patients whenever a new electronic script has been received).
    • Shipping/delivery notifications (enabling patients to easily track their prescription and OTC deliveries – without having to call the pharmacy.)
  • An integration with ScriptAbility, providing pharmacies with access to a variety of accessible prescription labels, including text-to-speech labels for patients who are visually impaired.
  • Click-to-call functionality with VOIP applications.
  • Enhanced Inventory Management functionality, enabling pharmacies to view a combined Quantity on Hand for equivalent drugs.
  • Advanced filters in the E-Rx mailbox screen.
  • The ability to transmit prescriptions directly from the queue screens.
Outside of our software enhancements, we were also proud to announce that we had: 

While we are proud of all we accomplished over the last year, we aren’t stopping there. Stay tuned for some exciting features coming early next year!