Achieve Your Pharmacy Goals with BestRx: Attract & Retain Customers
Attract and Retain Pharmacy Customers

Achieve Your Pharmacy Goals with BestRx: Attract & Retain Customers

Posted on Dec 12, 2022

Your independent pharmacy is facing more competition than ever before. Not only are you up against national pharmacy chains and mail order services, but distribution giants like Amazon have entered the industry as well. To ensure your pharmacy continues to be successful, it’s important to make customer satisfaction a priority in the year ahead. Whether you’re trying to attract new customers to your pharmacy or encourage repeat business, BestRx offers a variety of features and integrations to help you establish a strong, loyal customer base. Here are four ways you can leverage your BestRx software to attract and retain pharmacy customers:

1. Providing Online Access

Customer satisfaction and loyalty is often linked to convenience. That’s why offering your customers multiple ways to interact with your pharmacy is so important. The BestRx software offers several features that provide added convenience – for you and your customers, including:

This way, you can give your customers the best of both worlds – the same convenient access as a big box store, combined with the comfort and personalized care of a community pharmacy.

2. Offering Prescription & OTC Deliveries

Delivery services are becoming more of an expectation in recent years and offer many benefits for customers and pharmacies alike. Not only do they provide better access for patients who are unable to make it into your store, but it can reduce the amount of time your staff spends at the pickup counter as well.

Plus, it’s easy to manage your prescription deliveries with BestRx, thanks to:

  • A Mobile Delivery App that enables you to capture electronic signatures, process payments and more.
  • Access to STAT delivery
  • Shipping integrations with FedEx, UPS and USPS via Easy Post.

This way it’s easy for you to keep tabs on your deliveries and patients can stay on track with their medications no matter how busy life gets.

3. Establishing a Loyalty Program

Finding ways to reward repeat business is a great way to incentivize customers to keep coming back to your store. That’s why our point-of-sale software, BestPOS has a loyalty program built-in. Not only is it easy to use, but you can customize it to fit your pharmacy’s needs, including:  

  • Assigning a reward value
  • Determining how rewards are earned
  • Establishing an expiration date
  • Selecting eligible items and any exclusions.

BestRx can even help you obtain physical loyalty cards for your pharmacy, to serve as a visual reminder for your customers as well.

4. Requests for a Review

Reviews from happy customers are an effective way to attract new customers to your pharmacy. In fact, having several positive reviews helps to build your credibility and reputation within your community. Plus, it provides you with an opportunity to hear directly from your customers about what’s going well and identify areas you can continue to improve.

To help you obtain customers feedback without adding more work for your staff, you can use the BestRx Messaging Interface to send electronic review requests. Electronic review requests:

  • Are sent to patients as either an email or text message.
  • Can be sent manually or scheduled to go out automatically after a script has been filled.
  • Include a link to a site of your choosing, like your Google Business Listing, pharmacy website or Yelp.

This way, it’s easy to obtain new customer reviews, build awareness within your community and keep tabs on your customer experience.

These are just a few of the ways BestRx can help your pharmacy stand-out from the competition and enhance your customer experience. For more information on ways to leverage the BestRx software to attract and retain pharmacy customers, request a free demo!