Customize Your Pharmacy Loyalty Program with BestRX
Reward Patient Loyalty with BestPOS

Reward Customer Loyalty with BestPOS

Posted on Sep 06, 2022

Loyalty programs are a great way to reward repeat business and grow your customer base. However, as a busy independent pharmacy, it can be hard to find the time to implement new programs. That’s why BestRx built a customizable loyalty program into our point-of-sale system, BestPOS. This way, you can design a program for your pharmacy and reward customer loyalty with BestPOS in just a few clicks! In fact, with BestPOS, you can:

Customize Your Loyalty Program

To get started, just reach out to our customer support team to unlock the loyalty program features. From there, you can access the loyalty program options in your BestPOS system, including:

      • Whether you want to award points based on the amount spent on eligible items OR tokens for each eligible item, regardless of the cost.
      • Establishing point/token values, as well as how many are needed to earn a reward.
      • Setting a reward amount.
      • Deciding if patients can use rewards as they are earned or only towards a future purchase.
      • Whether rewards can be used towards prescriptions or only for OTC items. *
      • If you would like to have a patient’s loyalty balance printed on their receipt.
      • Whether points/tokens will expire, and if so, you can set an expiration date.
Set Exclusions

Once your preferences have been set, you can also indicate which purchases qualify for loyalty points and which items (or departments) don’t. Excluded items will not accrue points and patients won’t be able to redeem their rewards when purchasing these items either. 

Manage Loyalty Balances

You can also quickly manage your loyalty program directly from the patient’s customer profile screen. This includes:

      • Viewing the loyalty point total (and any rewards that are available).
      • Making manual adjustments when needed.
      • Transferring balances.
Redeem Rewards

If you have decided to allow loyalty coupons to be redeem as they are earned, the coupon will automatically be applied to the first eligible transaction. Once the reward is redeemed, the patient’s loyalty balance will update automatically.

However, there are certain situations where the coupon may not be used. For example, if the coupon amount is greater than the transaction total or for a delivery transaction. In these cases, the coupon will be stored in the system where it can be used for a future transaction.

Account for Returns

If a customer returns an item from a transaction that had a reward applied, they will receive the full amount of the transaction. Although this means they will receive more money back than what they actually paid, their loyalty balance will automatically deduct the refunded amount. Their new balance will reflect the number of points/tokens that were refunded, so they will have to replace the deficit before they can begin accruing new rewards.

Provide Physical Loyalty Cards

BestRx can also help you obtain physical loyalty cards through a third-party vendor. If you are interested in this option, contact our customer support team to obtain the vendor’s contact information. (You will need to order loyalty cards for your pharmacy from the vendor directly.)

Once they have been produced, they will include a patient-specific code that can be easily linked to their customer profile in BestPOS.

If you’re looking for an easy way to encourage repeat business and grow your pharmacy sales, BestPOS can help you reward customer loyalty in just a few clicks. To learn more, request a free demo today.

*Please note, some insurance and state Medicaid plans may restrict the use of promotional coupons for prescriptions.