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Online Bill Pay

Online Bill Pay for Pharmacies in 4 Easy Steps

Posted on Mar 25, 2022

Online bill pay and contactless payment options are common across all industries. In fact, many consumers prefer to pay bills and shop online because of the added safety and convenience. Your pharmacy is no exception, which is why offering your customers alternative ways to pay for their prescriptions and over-the-counter purchases is so important. To make online payments easy, our point-of-sale system, BestPOS, includes functionality that allows patients to submit payments from their smartphone. This makes curbside pickups and deliveries even easier on you and your patients. Plus, there’s no additional cost to your pharmacy*.

The BestPOS “Text-to-Pay” functionality processes your patient’s payments online in 4 simple steps:

Step 1: When you’re ringing up a transaction in BestPOS, click on the “Request Online Payment” button. This automatically prompts the system to send an automated text message to the patient. The text contains a link to review their order and access to a secure payment page.

Step 2: After the patient clicks the link, they will be asked to verify their date of birth to continue. From there, the patient can view their pharmacy order. They can also enter comments, sign for the order and request a pickup or delivery as well.

Step 3: After the patient has reviewed their order, they will be taken to a secure payment screen. In this screen, the patient can enter and submit their payment information.

Step 4: Once their payment is processed, your pharmacy will receive a notification and the payment information will be synced into in your BestPOS system. From there, you can prepare the order for pickup or delivery.


Using the online payment feature within your BestPOS system allows you to capture patient signatures and collect payment, without needing them to step foot in your store. To learn more about online bill pay and the text-to-pay functionality, as well as other ways BestPOS can streamline your front-end sales, contact customer support or request a free demo.

*This feature is available to all pharmacies using the BestPOS system free-of-charge for as long as the COVID-19 pandemic is in effect.