Pharmacy Management Software That’s Designed Around You

Pharmacy Management Software That’s Designed Around You

Posted on Jul 27, 2023

It’s frustrating when your pharmacy has to adapt your workflow to fit within the constraints of your pharmacy software. Not only does it slow you down, but being forced out of your normal routine can lead to missed steps and mistakes. Instead, you need a pharmacy management system that can be customized to adapt to the way you prefer to work. That’s why BestRx is proud to offer pharmacy management software that’s designed around you.

With BestRx, you can customize your pharmacy software by:

Assigning permissions by user.

Often, the things you need to access as a pharmacy owner are different than what your pharmacists and technicians need to process prescriptions and perform other tasks throughout the day. Plus, you may not want your staff to be able to view certain financial information, such as your acquisition costs and sales reports. That’s why with BestRx, pharmacies can adjust the access rights for each user using a variety of administrative settings.

Establishing your preferred workflow.

You can also modify your workflow preferences for your entire store or by user as well. This includes enabling certain processes to run behind the scenes automatically and determining the alerts you want displayed. Then, you can indicate where you’d like incoming requests and communication to be routed and when labels and patient information should be printed. You can even apply certain triggers to prompt the system to send patients electronic alerts after various actions are performed. Using a variety of workflow settings, you can set up your BestRx software so that it functions exactly the way you want it to.

Customizing your screens and dashboards.

The navigation bar, main dashboard, and several of the screens within BestRx can also be modified. In fact, you can add, remove, or reorder the items displayed in your navigation bar and dashboard. That way, you can arrange things the way you want to view them, so you can quickly find information when you need it. Plus, you can select your preferred software theme, including a “dark mode” that helps prevent eye strain, too.

Applying filters to search results and reports.

Not only is the search functionality in BestRx intuitive, bringing up potential results as soon as you begin typing, but many of the search fields have filters you can use as well. The filters allow you to quickly narrow down search results and can be applied to customize reporting as well. This way, it’s always easy to access the information you need.

BestRx was designed with the end user in mind, which is why it includes may ways for pharmacies to customize their software to meet their unique needs. When your software can adapt to your pharmacy’s preferred workflow, it enhances your operations and supports your team, rather than frustrating them. Learn more by requesting a free demo!