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5 Signs a Company Has Excellent Customer Service

Posted on Jul 27, 2023

Let’s face it, no company is going to come out and say their customer service is awful. In fact, according to nearly every company, their customer service is a “top priority”.  However, we’ve all experienced poor customer service at one point or another, proving that what some companies consider to be “excellent support” is anything but. Sometimes, poor customer service is just a temporary frustration, like having a less than attentive server while dining out. Other times, especially when it’s with a company you do business with regularly, it can have a much bigger impact. That’s why it’s important for independent pharmacies to do their research before choosing a software provider and other vendor partners. Otherwise, another company’s lack of support may wind up preventing your store from delivering consistent, quality care for your patients. Fortunately, there are ways to tell whether a company truly offers great service.

Here are 5 signs a company has excellent customer service:

1. They have a happy, loyal customer base.

The biggest indicator a company has rock-solid customer service is how satisfied their customers are. Before selecting a vendor, be sure to spend some time reading their customer reviews. While not every review is an accurate representation of the company, you will be able to quickly identify trends with the quality of their product and their customer service. Talking to other independent pharmacies about their experience with different vendors (before and after the sales process) is another great way to get a behind-the-scenes look at a company’s customer service. Plus, if a company has a loyal customer base, or existing customers are going out of their way to recommend them, that’s another strong indicator of the quality of their service. No one is going to continue to do business with a company that provides awful service, or refer others, no matter how amazing their product may be.

2. They actively seek customer feedback.

Another sure-fire way to identify a company that prioritizes its customer service is looking at how open to feedback they are. A company that genuinely cares about its customers and their experience will be actively seeking feedback. Companies that regularly ask for feedback want to ensure their customers’ needs are being met now, and proactively identify ways they continue to do so in the future as well. Look for companies that utilize things like customer experience surveys, review requests, customer advisory boards and pilot programs. You should also consider how often a vendor is actually making enhancements to their product or processes, too. After all, collecting customer feedback is just step one, acting on that feedback is just as important!

3. They’re easy to reach.

The last thing your pharmacy needs is to waste time on hold or making multiple calls trying to obtain support. That’s why it’s important to evaluate factors such as the number of ways you can access support (online, by phone, via email, etc.), customer service hours, hold and response times. When a company offers multiple ways to obtain support, it’s a good sign that they want to make accessing help as easy as possible. Plus, checking out a company’s hours of operation ahead of time will ensure you have adequate support coverage during your store hours, in the event an issue arises.

4. Their employee retention is high.

There’s no two ways around it, having a knowledgeable support team matters. This is because a more experienced, tenured support team is more likely to get to the root of your issue and provide a prompt resolution. On the flipside, when a company has high turnover, you’ll likely experience things like, inconsistent levels of support, frequent hand-offs between team members, inaccurate or incomplete information and multiple calls/attempts before your questions/issues are resolved. While company turnover is inevitable, look for organizations that seem to have happy, engaged employees. Afterall, employees who enjoy what they do will typically go above and beyond for their company and its customers.

5. They put themselves in your shoes.

When you do have to contact support, you’re probably already feeling stressed. So, it’s important that the representative not only helps you find a resolution but is empathetic and respectful as well. You should never feel like you’re overreacting, being rushed off the phone, or silly for asking a question. At the end of the day, you’re paying for a product/service and when something goes wrong, it disrupts your day. That’s why one of the best ways a company can show you they care and value your business is by taking the time to listen, acknowledge and address your issue/concern. You’ll always be able to tell how much a company appreciates its customers by the way they communicate during a challenging situation.

Customer service is a critical component to any organization. When pharmacies utilize vendors that don’t provide adequate support, it has a ripple effect, impacting the store’s operations and even patient care. That’s why it’s important to ensure the pharmacy software provider and other vendors you select are as committed to providing excellent service as you are. Request a free demo an learn more about all the ways BestRx supports its pharmacy customers.