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Pills Spilling onto Surface from Medication Jar |


Most of us have a general idea of what pharmacists’ general job description is: to be experts on prescription medications and how they help alleviate medical conditions and interact with other drugs.

But have you ever thought of pharmacists as agents of protection against prescription drug abuse by their patients? This type of drug abuse can be simply taking more than the prescribed amount of a drug or using a prescription drug in dangerous combination with another medication. Either situation can lead to coma or death.

Pharmacists can do their part to stop patients from accidentally or intentionally misusing their prescriptions. The first, most obvious step is for pharmacists to educate patients about drug interactions and proper amounts to take. These bits of information could go a long way.

Another way for pharmacists to prevent prescription drug abuse is to synchronize patient pickups of their medications on or around the same day every month. Pharmacists can use pharmacy management software of the type offered by BestRx to perform organizational tasks such as this. With the electronic record-keeping of the BestRx system, you’ll be able to track all dispensed prescriptions to prevent fraud and abuse. Any pharmacist who discovers fraudulent prescriptions or recognizes problematic drug-dispensing patterns in patients through the BestRx software should alert other pharmacies in the area that such a patient is nearby. This is all done ultimately to save lives.

In the end, we feel the BestRx pharmacy management software will be extremely useful to independent pharmacists who want not only to run their pharmacy from day to day, but also to get actively involved in their patients’ well-being as it relates to prescription drugs.

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