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Pharmacists Inspecting Technology in Medical Setting |


On, we talk a lot about how our pharmacy management system can help your pharmacy. The BestRx software lets you scan prescription information, process refill requests, capture signatures electronically, view inventory, manage billing, and so much more.

With all of these tasks available as options on the BestRx system, you probably think that a pharmacy is a pretty busy place, where pharmacists have a lot to think about at all times of the day. And you’d be right! In this post, we’d like to highlight some of the important duties of a pharmacist that the general public might not be aware of:

• Firstly, pharmacists are well educated. They can complete two to four years in an undergraduate program before moving on to four years of pharmacy study. The total process can take between six and eight years.
• Pharmacists must always think about patient safety. They have a wealth of knowledge in pharmacology, so they have to be able to tell patients which drugs will interact negatively with other prescriptions or with certain medical conditions.
• Pharmacists need to be able to offer general advice and recommendations on certain medical problems that prescription or over-the-counter drugs can alleviate. Considering that people can simply walk into a pharmacy and ask these questions, pharmacists should be prepared for anything.
• Pharmacists have to know how to save their patients money. If a patient needs a certain drug, but the pharmacist knows that a generic version is available, the pharmacist can recommend that cheaper drug instead. Pharmacists are also familiar with insurances and can help patients get the most out of their plans.

With all this going on inside a pharmacist’s head from day to day, it’s no wonder our BestRx software is so popular among independent pharmacists. Go to to learn about our useful pharmacy management system.