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Find Out How Efficient Your Pharmacy Can Be

Posted on Oct 27, 2020

With pharmacy software from BestRx, your pharmacy can run smoothly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on what really matters: your patients. When your patients are happy, your business runs well and is profitable. Our pharmacy software products allow you to:

∙ Search quickly for patients and prescriptions
∙ Process refill requests
∙ Access drug-allergy warnings
∙ Check weekly drug price updates
∙ Scan patient IDs
∙ View claims
∙ Manage inventory

Our easy-to-use pharmacy software products will enable you to run your pharmacy as efficiently as possible, while allowing you to provide your patients with top-notch service. Our suite of products includes:

∙ BestPOS – Pharmacy POS System
∙ Electronic Signature Capture
∙ ECARE – Provides a centralized, intuitive method to document prescription specifics, interactions, goals, and more
∙ Cloud-based Mobile Delivery App – allows for electronic signature capture when prescriptions are delivered
∙ E-Prescribing
∙ Document Management
∙ Electronic Faxing
∙ Nursing Home – Tools for patients and their care centers

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