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Why Your Pharmacy Software Should be a Top Priority

Posted on Oct 27, 2020

The software that you utilize in your pharmacy is critical for your day-to-day business operations. One of our products that are crucial to your pharmacy’s success is our pharmacy POS system. This system can be fully integrated into your BestRx pharmacy software system and is a great way to maximize efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction. With our pharmacy POS system you can expect:

∙ A reliable, fast, and flexible checkout process

∙ To manage inventory and pricing with multiple wholesalers and spend less time with inventory and more time with your patients

∙ Easy-to-use reporting features that track trends within your pharmacy

∙ Mobile delivery that gives you the ability to capture signatures for prescription and OTC deliveries

∙ To process credit, debit, FSA, and EBT cards; and EMV/chip-capability with select merchants

∙ To capture prescription, credit card, HIPAA, and PSE signatures electronically

∙ A built-in loyalty program that allows you to maintain and increase your customer base

∙ To manage employee access rights for increased security

∙ Creation and management of customized promotions for your pharmacy

∙ Use of a 2-D barcode scanner to quickly populate patient information into the system (can be used when adding new patients and when dispensing controlled substances and PSE products)

The pharmacy POS system from BestRx gives you the capability to manage many aspects of your pharmacy’s transactions and management, allowing you to spend less time on tedious tasks and more time with your patients.