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How Your Pharmacy Technicians help with Pharmacy Software Solutions

Posted on Nov 16, 2020

Your local pharmacy functions at its highest level when your employees work as a team. That means enabling your reliable pharmacy technicians to do their job with efficiency. The role of the pharmacy technician includes everything from entering prescription orders into the system to fielding calls from patients.


When you introduce BestRx pharmacy software solutions to your independent pharmacy, it will transform the way you do business for the better. This system makes it easier for your pharmacy technicians to:


  • Search for Patients & Prescriptions
  • Process Refill Requests
  • Access Drug Allergy Warnings
  • Check Weekly Drug Price Updates
  • View Claims
  • Manage Inventory
  • Inspect Reporting

We currently have over 1250 installations of the BestRx system nationwide and are continuously growing. The process of integrating BestRx into your daily operations is seamless so you lose little time. Intuitive and straightforward, our system requires little to no training.  You always receive the support and guidance needed. The result is a more efficient operation that allows you to provide the best patient care possible.

Explore to learn more of the benefits offered through our pharmacy software solutions. You can also get in touch with us to schedule a demo!