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Easily Track Hours & Payroll Expenses with Employee Time Clock

Posted on Apr 05, 2022

As an independent pharmacy owner, you have a lot on your plate. The last thing you need is to spend your time managing your employee timecards, instead of filling prescriptions. That’s why BestRx developed Employee Time Clock, which is included in our Standard and Premium tiers. Not only is it accessed right from your BestRx software, but you can also easily track your employee hours and payroll expenses, thanks to its: 

  • Simple setup. The setup is done right from your BestRx software, so you can get your pharmacy setup in a matter of minutes. (Please note, the setup can only be done by the pharmacy owner or designated super admin users.)
  • Convenient access to punch in/out. Your staff can quickly access their timecards using your existing BestRx software. This makes it easy for them to punch in and out for shifts and any breaks because they don’t have to log into a different program.
  • Various timecard and payroll reports. The feature includes several reports, so you can quickly review all your payroll activity. Plus, the reports can be filtered by employee, activity type or a specific pay period.
To Get Setup:

First, you will need to set a pay frequency for your pharmacy, including when your work week and pay periods begin. From there, you’ll set up each employee, assigning pay rates and whether the employee: 

  • Is eligible for paid breaks.
  • Should have their hours rounded up.
  • Receives special pay rates for overtime or holidays.
To Use the Time Clock: 

When your staff clicks on the time clock button, each employee’s status will be displayed. From there, they just need to select their name to punch in and out. Plus, they can add notes to a specific time punch or submit a missed punch request. Once submitted, you (or any super admin users) can view any notes and address pending requests that have been submitted. 

The Different Reporting: 

The feature also includes several reports you can easily export, including:

  • Basic employee time clock reports. These reports are generated by employee and can be run by pay period.
  • Administrative time clock reports. These reports include the same information as the employee version, as well as activity for all your employees. It will also show requests that are pending your approval and any adjustments that have been made to an employee’s timecard in the past.
  • Payroll reports. These reports allow you, or any admin users, to view pay-related information for each of your employees. This includes the number of regular, overtime or holiday hours worked, as well as payment totals for each type. Plus, you can easily identify any hour or pay-related discrepancies that you may need to be address.
  • Audit reports. These reports enable you, or any admin users, to view all time clock-related actions in the system. Plus, for faster review, you can also filter the information by the action type.

With easy access for you and your pharmacy staff, Employee Time Clock makes keeping track of your staff’s hours and payroll expenses a breeze. If you would like more information on Employee Time Clock, or any other time-saving pharmacy management features included in our Standard or Premium tiers, contact BestRx customer service.

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