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4 Ways to Automate Your Pharmacy Deliveries with BestRx

Posted on Apr 19, 2022

As an independent pharmacy owner, finding ways to enhance your customer experience and grow your business is essential. One way to accomplish both is to offer deliveries for prescriptions and over-the-counter purchases. However, it’s important to have the right systems in place to manage your deliveries. Otherwise, they can be time-consuming for your pharmacy. Fortunately, BestRx offers several features designed to help you automate your pharmacy deliveries.

Here Are 4 Ways to Automate (and Simplify) Your Pharmacy Deliveries with BestRx: 
BestRx Shipping Integrations1. Multiple Shipping Integrations 

BestRx has shipping integrations with FedEx, UPS and EasyPost (USPS). This allows you to easily link your existing carrier account(s) to your pharmacy software. From there, you can streamline all your delivery-related activities using your Bestrx software, including: 

                • Syncing patient names and addresses
                • Quickly generating shipping labels
                • Tracking shipments
                • Viewing patient signatures (FedEx and UPS) or proof of delivery (EasyPost/USPS)
Mobile Delivery App2. A Convenient Mobile Delivery App

Our cloud-based Mobile Delivery app allows you to securely transmit data back to your pharmacy while making deliveries. All you need is a compatible Android or iOS device and WiFi (or mobile provider network) connection. Using our app mobile delivery app, you can:

                • Process payments in real time
                • Obtain electronic patient signatures
                • Automatically update the delivery status in your pharmacy’s system

Plus, if you have multiple pharmacies, you can manage deliveries for all your stores using a single device.

DELIVERY UPDATES 3. Electronic Delivery Notifications

The BestRx Messaging Interface* enables you to send a variety of text and email alerts to patients. This includes automatic delivery updates, including tracking information. Plus, delivery messages can be sent automatically once a tracking number has been assigned in your system. This allows patients to easily track their prescription delivery, without having to call your pharmacy.

* Please note, the Messaging Interface is included in our Premium tier, or it can be added to the Standard and Basic tiers for a monthly fee.

ONLINE BILL PAY FOR PHARMACIES 4. Contactless, Online Payment Options

Using our integrated point-of-sale system, BestPOS, patients can pay for their prescriptions and over-the-counter purchases online using a convenient text-to-pay option. To initiate a remote payment, just click on the “Request Online Payment” button when ringing up a transaction. This will prompt the system to send an automated text message to the patient. The text will contain a link to review their order and access to a secure payment page. Then, when the payment has been submitted, the prescription status will be automatically updated in your system. Not only do online payments make deliveries even easier, but the feature is available at no cost to your pharmacy too.

Automating your deliveries enhances your customer experience, without adding extra work for your staff. To learn more about how BestRx can simplify your pharmacy deliveries, contact us today.