DelivMeds - BestRx


Posted on May 16, 2023

DelivMeds is a new, innovative way for patients to manage their prescriptions and receive convenient prescription deliveries from the pharmacy of their choosing. This means that pharmacies who join the DelivMeds network can gain new business, because they will be listed as an option for patients looking to have their scripts filled nearby. The app is FREE for patients to download (from the Apple App and Google Play stores) and use.

Plus, DelivMeds integrates with the BestRx and BestPOS software so it’s simple to: 

  • Transfer Rx & insurance information electronically.
  • Collect any associated payment/co-insurance for the prescription (which is passed on to the pharmacy via Stripe). 
  • Coordinate the delivery/shipping with the patient using their national ride-sharing partner (or your pharmacy’s preferred carrier).

BestRx pharmacies can learn more about the network and enroll at: