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QuickResponse Templates for 2-Way Chat

Using QuickResponse Templates for Faster Communication

Posted on Apr 26, 2023

While each customers’ needs may not be the same, their interactions with your pharmacy are often similar. This is especially true for the questions being asked. In fact, between sharing your store hours and notifying customers that their script is ready for pickup, you may feel like a broken record by the end of the day. Like other repetitive tasks, this can become time-consuming and frustrating for your pharmacy staff. That’s why BestRx added QuickResponse templates to our Messaging Interface, so pharmacies can communicate faster with customers throughout the day.

Using the BestRx Messaging Interface enables you to cut down on your communication time by sending a variety of automated alerts to patients via email or text message. This includes:

  • Refill reminders.
  • Ready for pickup alerts.
  • Birthday and welcome greetings.
  • Requests for an online review.

In fact, there are 10 different types of electronic alerts available. Plus, the interface’s two-way chat feature enables you to quickly respond to patients in real-time throughout the day. Previously, all two-way chat conversations needed to be entered manually. Now, pharmacies can streamline their two-way chat conversations by creating custom QuickResponse templates. Although these templates function slightly differently than others included in the Messaging Interface, the result is the same – faster responses for your patients and less work for your staff.

Other templates, like those used to welcome new customers or send refill reminders, have text preloaded that you can use or modify, if needed. The QuickResponse templates, on the other hand, are created from scratch by your pharmacy. That way you can create and store QuickResponses for your most commonly asked questions.

QuickResponse templates benefit your customers and pharmacy, by:
    • Reducing your response time for questions sent in two-way chat.
    • Enhancing the customer experience, which helps build loyalty.
    • Ensuring the information in your responses is accurate and consistent.
    • Preventing typos and other errors.
    • Eliminating the need for pharmacy staff to manually re-type common responses.
    • Reallocating your staff’s time to other, more important tasks.

If you’re spending a large portion of your time fielding calls and manually responding to electronic inquiries from customers, BestRx can help. Request a free demo to find out how our Messaging Interface, including the two-way chat feature and QuickResponse templates, can help streamline your outbound communication.