Look to BestRx for Pharmacy Software Solutions

The team at BestRx is dedicated to helping patients and pharmacists alike with our pharmacy software solutions. Through the process of developing our intuitive system, we have kept pharmacists and patients in mind by creating a system that simplifies pharmacy management. This pharmacy software system helps pharmacies from all over the country take better care…

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How BestRx Services Can Help

When challenges arise, the team at BestRx collaborates and overcomes with efficient and effective solutions. We know that many independent pharmacies may experience difficulties due to an influx of new patients, the struggle of competitors, and inefficient workflow processes. When you choose BestRx services for a top-notch, well thought out pharmacy management software, you will…

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Rely on our Expertise at BestRx

For two generations, BestRx has studied the unique requirements of independent pharmacy owners, staff, and patients. We are dedicated to delivering the best value in innovative, easy-to-use digital pharmacy management system, tailored to your business’s needs. When you feel your pharmacy isn’t running as efficiently as it can, rely on the experts at BestRx to…

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Digital Window Shopping

At BestRx, we’re always interested in bringing you useful information that can help you to grow your store. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Pointy from Google to bring you their insight on what they think will be the big retail trends of 2021. First up, we’re looking at window shopping and how it’s moving…

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BestRx Pharmacy Management Software Benefits

BestRx has developed a pharmacy management software system proven to help your independent pharmacy run smoothly and efficiently. Introducing our top-of-the-line pharmacy management software to your pharmacy technicians will help them do their best job in an efficient manner. BestRx’s pharmacy management software is easy to use and requires little to no training. By seamlessly…

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Find Out How Efficient Your Pharmacy Can Be

With pharmacy software from BestRx, your pharmacy can run smoothly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on what really matters: your patients. When your patients are happy, your business runs well and is profitable. Our pharmacy software products allow you to: ∙ Search quickly for patients and prescriptions ∙ Process refill requests ∙ Access drug-allergy…

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Make Receiving and Saving Faxes for Your Pharmacy Simple

BestRx doesn’t just provide an effective pharmacy management system and a reliable POS system. With electronic faxing from BestRx, you can send electronic faxes directly and efficiently and eliminate the need for unnecessary printouts and landlines. This tool is simple, reliable, and cost-effective, allowing communications between medical providers and pharmacies to be transmitted quickly and…

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Go Paperless at your Pharmacy with BestRx

  Go paperless with the pharmacy software solutions offered by BestRx. Not only is this a more eco-friendly route, it offers increased efficiency for your day-to-day tasks. Here are three of our beneficial products that help you achieve this with ease.   Electronic Signature Capture An electronic signature pad makes capturing signatures easy and accurate.…

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Simplify Your Pharmacy’s Reporting with BestRx Pharmacy Software Solutions

Make minor adjustments that lead to increased profits by implementing the BestRx reporting features. As an independent pharmacy, it is in your best interest to track information pertaining to demographics, products, and sales. Keeping tabs on this valuable business information is a breeze with pharmacy software solutions from BestRx. Built-In Reports Access dozens of standard…

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Pharmicist looking at Medicine in a Pharmacy

Real-Time prescription Benefit Check for your Pharmacy

We are proud to announce we are the first pharmacy software system, in collaboration with a trusted partner, to offer Real-Time Prescription Benefit (RTPB) functionality for pharmacies. The RTPB tool enables precise and complete, patient-specific benefit information from the point-of-prescribing to the point-of-dispensing; allowing for a better-informed provider and patient medication choices, awareness of lower-cost…

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Line Chart Showing Growth with Hand Pointing at Top | BestRx.com

Bring Your Pharmacy into 2020

Transitioning into 2020 brings not only a new year but an entirely new decade. As a pharmacy, it is integral to stay ahead of the curve regarding updates to the industry and the relevance of your business in the community. Bring your pharmacy into 2020 by keeping the following tips in mind. Understand New Medications…

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BestRx Highlights from 2019

As we approach the New Year, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on some of the amazing strides BestRx has taken in 2019! Here are a few highlights that we continue to take pride in: Partnership with ScriptDrop This partnership with ScriptDrop enabled participating pharmacies to take advantage of same-day, on-demand, shipping solutions…

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Efficiency Hits the Mark Every Time

Owning and running an independent pharmacy comes with a myriad of tasks and responsibilities. There is a lot to juggle, to say the least, including information capturing, storage, and search, which can take up valuable time. When it comes to choosing software for pharmacies, efficiency is a key component. BestRx designed features to accommodate for…

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Improve Medication Adherence with BestRx

It comes as no surprise that the current state of the healthcare system in the United States has flaws. That aside, there remain highly skilled and passionate medical professionals and pharmacists who work tirelessly to deliver the best possible treatment, care, and follow-up with patients. The fact still remains that when it comes to prescription…

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Male Pharmacist Smiling | BestRx.com

Embracing the Role of the Pharmacist Today

The role of a pharmacist goes far beyond that of a “middleman” or “go-between” who simply facilitates the prescriptions written by a doctor to a patient. On the contrary, pharmacists consistently provide care to patients, care that includes selecting the right drug therapies, observing patients and their progress, gauging results, and educating patients about their…

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Female Nurse with Elderly Male Patient Outside | BestRx.com

Stay Organized with Nursing Home MAR

When an individual enters a nursing home it is because they have reached a stage where they require personal care and assistance. It is important that nursing home patients feel at home and cared for while retaining their dignity and feelings of independence where possible. Utilizing the nursing home MAR and long term care feature…

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The Top Three Products from BestRx

When your business needs independent pharmacy software in Florida, the BestRx product suite is designed to improve your profits and beat the competition. With so many exceptional products available from our company, we have outlined the top three that your pharmacy cannot do without.   BestRx™ When you are looking to increase profits and streamline…

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Capturing Signatures with Our System

Make obtaining signatures for prescriptions easy when you invest in the Best Rx product suite. When you invest in our pharmacy POS software, you will be able to pull up prescriptions quickly and immediately know how much to charge the customer.  Additionally, the BestPOS system ensures you can spend less time with the inventory and…

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Medical Professional Inspecting Substance Using Microscope | BestRx.com

BestRx Integrates with Other Systems to Create IVR Systems for Pharmacies

At BestRx, it’s no surprise that our primary focus is using technology to help independent pharmacies give their customers the best experiences possible when filling their prescriptions. Much of that experience comes through the person-to-person interaction of walking into your local pharmacy and greeting the owner by name before conducting business. Of course, the technology…

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Medicines in Jars behind Old-Fashioned Pharmacy Counter | BestRx.com

Pharmacy Managers Weigh In About Messaging Interface Benefits

As we discussed in March, stiff competition and market trends make it important for pharmacies to use tech to grow business. Automated text, email and voice-messaging features are essential for staying competitive with large chains. “Everyone’s business is on a downward trend because of competition from PBM-owned mail-order pharmacies steering patients to fill prescriptions within…

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Pharmacist looking through inventory

Manage Inventory with the BestRx Software System

Inventory management is crucial to the functionality of any retail or independent pharmacy. BestRx offers exceptional pharmacy management software that will help you consolidate and organize your entire inventory. You will also receive a variety of other benefits from our software, such as patient profiles, document management, and enhanced reporting. Inventory management can be automated…

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BestRx First Pharmacy Dispensing Software Company to Achieve Level 2 – Pharmacist eCare Plan Capability

Independent pharmacies are now able to share patient-centric clinical data and activities using Pharmacist eCare Plans through BestRx Pharmacy Software — expanding the impact of the Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Networks, which reduce healthcare costs for chronically ill patients. Oakbrook, IL – On November 1, 2017, BestRx, a software solutions company whose mission is to…

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Welcome to the BestRx Blog

The BestRx Pharmacy Management System was developed to aid retail and independent pharmacies in better managing their business. This feature-rich system provides pharmacies with the ability to control patient profiles, billing, workflow, inventory, and various reports. What was once a computer programmer helping out a friend became an easy-to-use pharmacy software program utilized nationwide. The…

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