Pharmacy Managers Weigh In About Messaging Interface Benefits

As we discussed in March, stiff competition and market trends make it important for pharmacies to use tech to grow business. Automated text, email and voice-messaging features are essential for staying competitive with large chains. “Everyone’s business is on a downward trend because of competition from PBM-owned mail-order pharmacies steering patients to fill prescriptions within…

Pharmacist looking through inventory

Manage Inventory with the BestRx Software System

Inventory management is crucial to the functionality of any retail or independent pharmacy. BestRx offers exceptional pharmacy management software that will help you consolidate and organize your entire inventory. You will also receive a variety of other benefits from our software, such as patient profiles, document management, and enhanced reporting. Inventory management can be automated…

Group of pharmacists searching for medications

Get the Best Pharmacy Management System from BestRx

As a retail or independent pharmacy, it is essential to have advanced, fully integrated software to help manage your business. BestRx Pharmacy Software offers you the most user-friendly, affordable, and robust pharmacy management system with our BestRx system. BestRx is a cutting-edge pharmacy management software program for independent pharmacies that is extremely easy-to-use and requires…

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Real-Time Integration with Mirixa MTM

BestRx is proud to partner with Mirixa, one of the leading healthcare technology and service companies. As part of our complete pharmacy solutions, we offer Real-Time Integration with Mirixa Medication Therapy Management (MTM). Medication therapy management is offered by pharmacists who are looking to improve drug therapy and the corresponding results for patients. Medication therapy…