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Your Pharmacy Can Have It All: Award-Winning Software, Without Breaking Your Budget!

Posted on Jun 28, 2023

When independent pharmacies evaluate technology for their store, they’re looking for a solution that will allow them to better care for their patients, simplify their operations and grow their business. Many pharmacy management software systems claim to do just that. However, after taking a closer look, many store owners find themselves in one of two scenarios. Either a system is packed with features, but they’re left reeling from sticker shock. Or they settle for the most cost-effective system, only to discover it’s severely lacking in functionality, support – or both. As an independent, family-owned business ourselves, BestRx knows that “biggest” and “most expensive” doesn’t always mean something is the “best”. We also don’t believe that for something to be “affordable”, it means you should have to sacrifice quality. With BestRx, your pharmacy can have it all – intuitive, award-winning software, without breaking your budget.

BestRx is Different

We know how easy it is to get swept up by all the flashy marketing and big promises made by the larger pharmacy software providers. However, the cost is steep, and, in many cases, pharmacies end up paying more than anticipated for features they may not even need. Even worse, once the sale is finalized, it often becomes difficult to obtain support for your expensive new system. On the flip side, selecting the “bargain” software has its own set of challenges. You may quickly find that not only is the provider not investing in regular system enhancements, but they’re not investing in their customer service either. That’s where BestRx comes in, meeting pharmacies in the middle, with its:

Simple, user-friendly interface.

Our award-winning software was literally built around the end-user. In fact, BestRx began back in 1985, when our founder wanted to help his friend develop a system to help him operate his pharmacy more efficiently. Since then, BestRx has remained focused on one thing – providing other independent pharmacies with an affordable, easy-to-use system that enables them to better care for their communities and grow their business. That’s why, nearly 40 years later, our customers are still amazed at how easy it is to use their BestRx software.

“I learned the BestRx system on the very 1st day that I worked with it, and it’s easy for new employees to pick up.” – A.T., Pharmacist

Affordable, flexible pricing.

BestRx also knows your store is as unique as the customers you serve. That’s why we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to our software pricing either. By offering different tiers of service, your pharmacy has the freedom to decide what features are most important for your store and its customers. Not only does this make it easier to stick to your budget, but it prevents you from overpaying for features and integrations you don’t need.

Quick Tip: Regardless of the software vendor you select, be careful not to get distracted by “freebies.” In the end, you’ll end up paying for the “free” hardware and other promotional products in the long run, by getting stuck in an inflated contract. BestRx doesn’t offer hardware incentives because we don’t force you to buy it from us in the first place. We’ll help secure hardware if needed, or you can use our hardware specification sheet to make purchasing decisions on your own. That way, you know you’re getting the best price for your devices and that they’ll be compatible with our software.

In a recent customer satisfaction survey, pharmacies rated BestRx a “4.5/5” for overall value.

Intuitive screens and customizable workflows.

We believe your pharmacy software should adapt to your workflow, not the other way around. That’s why many of our screens can be customized to your preferences. This includes the ability to:

      • Arrange your dashboard to display the information that’s most important to you.
      • Enable certain processes to run behind the scenes automatically.
      • Quickly filter search results and reports when needed.

Workflow preferences can be set for your store, and in some cases, for each individual user as well.

“With other pharmacy software and POS systems, I always felt the software was always dictating to me how things should be done, and I was adapting to it.  With BestRx I feel in control of the software and can adapt it around me and my demands.” – V.R., Pharmacy President

Industry-leading, US-based customer support.

Often, companies roll out the red carpet and are easily accessible when they are trying to earn your business. However, once you’ve signed up, they’re nowhere to be found. Learning to use a new system can be stressful enough without having to worry about tracking down support. Especially when you’re juggling a busy pharmacy counter. Unfortunately, this is becoming increasingly common, as many software providers have shifted their customer support overseas. This may keep their operational costs down, but it’s at your store’s expense. Overseas call centers are notorious for their long wait times and script-based approach to service. Plus, they are often difficult to understand and may not have access to the resources needed to resolve your issue in a timely manner. BestRx on the other hand, knows a company and its products are only as good as the service backing it.  That’s why we are proud of our leading, US-based customer support team. Not only are our hold and call times lower than others in the industry, but our customer service team is more accessible, too. In fact, we have multiple customer service teams to ensure support is available for all our customers, no matter where your pharmacy is located.

“BestRx’s customer service is untouchable. Any time we have questions, it is answered in one, quick phone call.” – A.P., Pharmacist

Collaborative approach and commitment to quality.

At BestRx, everything we do is with our pharmacies in mind. We genuinely care about helping your business succeed, which is why we strive to develop collaborative, long-lasting relationships with each store. We are constantly adding new features and proactively enhancing our software to provide additional value for pharmacies, too. In fact, many of our recent software updates were made based on feedback from our customers. With BestRx, you never have to worry about sacrificing quality, just to get an affordable pharmacy management system.

“BestRx makes everything at our pharmacy run smoothly. It’s extremely easy to use and train technicians on. They are always on top of changing state and federal requirements – and if you have an issue, they are always right there to help you figure it out. We could not function without BestRx!” – D.E., Pharmacist

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