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5 Ways Pharmacists Can Help Patient's Maintain Their Heart Health

5 Ways Pharmacists Impact Heart Health

Posted on Jan 31, 2022

Heart disease affects millions of Americans and without the proper interventions, can have serious health consequences. Along with a healthy diet and regular exercise, medications can also effectively manage many heart conditions. This means pharmacists play an important role as well. Below are 5 ways pharmacists impact heart health: 

Ways Pharmacies Impact Heart Health: Medication AdherenceEmphasizing the importance of taking medications as prescribed

Using medication therapy management, pharmacies provide important information on medications. This includes administration and dosage instructions, as well as potential side effects and interactions. Plus, pharmacists can suggest ways patients can incorporate medications into their daily routine. This can prevent missed doses. 

Ways Pharmacies Impact Heart Health: Custom PackagingOffering custom, single-dose packs

Packaging medications by the dose (for one or multiple medications) increases medication adherence. It makes it easier for patients to remember when (and what) to take, with patient-specific instructions on the label. Not only does this lead to better health outcomes, but it prevents misuse and enhances patient safety as well.

Preventive Care ServicesProviding preventive care services

Offering preventive services helps patients avoid new or worsening heart conditions.  This includes blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose screenings. Plus, encouraging regular check-ins with a primary care physician also helps to keep patients (and their hearts) healthy.

Provider CollaborationCollaborating with other care team members

Communication between other providers can produce better treatment outcomes. With eCare plans, pharmacies can easily document and share their patient encounters with other members of the care team. This includes sharing what OTC medications a patient is taking and potential drug interactions or lower-cost alternatives.

Smoking CessationEncouraging patients to quit smoking

Smoking increases the risk of developing (or worsening) heart disease. Pharmacies can help by offering cessation counseling and recommend OTC quit aids to help patients through the process. By serving as a cessation resource, pharmacists can positively impact their patient’s cardiovascular health.

BestRx is proud to offer independent pharmacies the tools needed to keep patients (and their hearts) healthy. Plus, we’re always adding new integration partners and innovative features to ensure BestRx will always be at the heart of your pharmacy’s growth.


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