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3 Ways to Reduce Claim Errors and Maximize Reimbursement

3 Ways to Reduce Prescription Claim Errors & Out-of-Pocket Costs

Posted on Feb 04, 2022

Updating patient benefits and AWP/formulary changes can be time-consuming and costly for pharmacies, due to restocking and switch fees. Using outdated benefit and claim information also leads to claim errors, processing delays and denials. Plus, unexpected out-of-pocket costs can cause patients to leave without their prescription.

Here are three ways BestRx can help you reduce claim errors and out-of-pocket costs, by: 

Plan Finder 1. Quickly Locating Current Prescription Benefits

Our Plan Finder tool1 enables you to locate a patient’s current commercial and/or Medicare benefit plan(s) with just a few clicks. Just by entering some basic patient information, you can locate a patient’s current prescription benefits in seconds. If the coverage has changed, you can easily update their profile with the new plan information.

Real time benefit check 2. Easily Determining Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Through our integration with Surescripts, BestRx was the first to offer Real-Time Prescription Benefit Check2. The feature automatically sends coverage alerts as you’re processing prescriptions. You can also check patient-specific benefits (for select payors) to determine the out-of-pocket cost in real time without having to submit a test claim. Plus, you can view up to five covered alternative medications, avoid prior authorizations and ensure prescriptions are high-quality and cost-effective as well.

Reduce Errors, Maximize Profits3. Minimizing Claim Submission Errors & Maximizing Reimbursement

Together, BestRx and CoverMyMeds help pharmacies automate the claims adjudication process with Pre and Post Editing (PPE) services3. PPE automatically assesses claims to ensure maximum reimbursement and reduce claim submission errors. After auditing, it sends actionable messages that enable you to make faster, more informed decisions. Features like the AWP Comparison tool make is easy to manage payer and industry requirements.


For more information on these error-reducing features available with your BestRx software, contact customer support.

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1The Plan Finder Tool is built into the BestRx Pharmacy Management Software and is available to all BestRx customers.

2Real-Time Benefit Check, powered by Surescripts, is available as an add-on service for an additional monthly fee. Please note that only certain payors are participating in the program currently, so it cannot be utilized for all patients at this time. While Surescripts grows the payor network, pharmacies are charged the monthly fee only when the feature is used during that 30-day period.

3PPE services are available as an add-on service for an additional monthly fee. View real BestRx customer results, or to learn more, submit a request here.