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115-A: Intro to Messaging Interface
In this video we talk about the Messaging Interface in BestRx and provide you with information on, the benefits of this feature, the types of messages available, and how to activate the Messaging Interface.
115-B: Using the Messaging Interface
In this video we take a deeper dive into the functionality of the BestRx Messaging Interface including how to Access your messaging queues and settings, use the Two-Way Chat Feature, Enable Automated Alerts, Initiate Manual Alerts, Customize Messages, and Manage Your Outbound Messaging Queue Report.
130-A: BestPOS Standard Operating Hardware
This video is meant as a reference to unboxing your hardware and connecting it for the first time. Topics covered include basic hardware packages, types of hardware we recommend, and the typical number of cable connections to expect per device. Once you have all you hardware connected, call our support team to install the BestPOS…