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Update Patient Benefits in 4 Steps with Plan Finder

Update Patient Benefits with 4 Simple Steps

Posted on Dec 29, 2021

The beginning of the year marks the start of new benefit plans for many patients. During this time of transition, pharmacies often experience workflow disruptions and processing delays. To reduce the impact on you and your team, BestRx offers a helpful, easy-to-use Plan Finder tool – built right into our Pharmacy Management Software.

The BestRx Plan Finder tool allows you to quickly search for and update your patient’s commercial and/or Medicare benefit plan(s). Accessing the tool and updating the patient’s plan information is easy, just follow the four steps outlined below: 

  1. From the main RxProcessing screen, select the edit icon to the right of the insurance plan field.
  2. In the next screen, select the “plan finder” button located on the bottom left of the page.
  3. Determine if you would like to search for commercial or Medicare benefits, or both. Then, enter the patient information requested and click “find plans”.
  4. Once the search is complete, the patient’s current benefit plan(s) will be displayed. Simply select “Update Payment Information” to add or update the patient’s plan information.

In a matter of minutes, the patient’s benefit plan will be automatically populated and ready for claim submission. With Plan Finder, you not only save your staff valuable time, but you can also reduce the number of claim submission errors and processing delays caused by benefit changes.

BestRx can also help you easily monitor your pharmacy performance and offer added convenience for your patients. For more information about the time-saving features found in our user-friendly software, schedule a free demo today!