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2022 Healthcare Predictions

3 Healthcare Predictions for 2022

Posted on Dec 20, 2021

Experts are sharing their predictions on healthcare trends providers should be prepared for in 2022.

Below are three healthcare predictions and how BestRx Pharmacy Management Software can help you meet your patient’s needs in the new year.
Virtual Care is Here to Stay 1. Virtual care services will continue to be utilized.

In-person services will always be necessary however, patients have come to enjoy the flexibility virtual care offers. Your pharmacy should offer both virtual and in-person pharmacy services to meet all of your patient’s needs. BestRx makes providing Virtual Care Services easy and efficient, thanks to our integration with Doxy. You can conduct face-to-face consults – even when patients can’t make it into your pharmacy. Plus, Two-Way Messaging enables you to send convenient refill reminders and other important information to your patients when needed.

Supplemental Benefits will be essential 2. Access to care will continue to be a priority.

Supplemental benefits and wellness programs offer patients a way to offset their out-of-pocket healthcare costs. As more patients join these programs, ease of use will be essential. To help, BestRx has partnered with Solutran and their S3 Retailer Network. The integration allows participating pharmacies to seamlessly process the company’s OTC benefit cards through BestPOS with a simple barcode scan. Plus, pharmacies that opt into the S3 Network help to provide even greater access to care for their 16,600,000+ subscribers.

Savings Opportunities 3. Finding ways to help patients save will be more important than ever.

To offset rising out-of-pocket costs for prescriptions, many patients are turning to discount cards. These cards are helpful to the patient however, they may negatively impact pharmacies because of their labor-intensive redemption process and high DIR/admin fees. Luckily, BestRx offers a win-win savings solution, RxQuickSave. RxQuickSave works behind the scenes in your BestRx software and identifies cost savings opportunities that are beneficial for both your patient and pharmacy. Plus, with no DIR fees, the program is a risk-free way to provide savings for your patients and protect your bottom line.


For pharmacies to remain successful, they must grow with the changing needs of their community. That’s why BestRx continues to add new features and integrations to our Pharmacy Management Software, so you’ll be able to easily adapt to whatever comes your way. 

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