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BestRx’s Pharmacy System Helps Keep Your Customers Safe

Posted on Jul 08, 2021

Not only does BestRx’s pharmacy management system help your pharmacy run more efficiently, but it can help you to keep your customers safe and healthy!

The BestRx Pharmacy Management System includes a wide range of features to help ensure patient safety. These features include allergy and drug-interaction warnings and highly visible alerts for prescriptions due for refill as well as those that are expired. ID scanning quickly populates patient information and can be used when adding new patients and when dispensing controlled substances and PSE products.

Our eCare program provides a centralized, intuitive way to document prescription specifics, interactions, goals, and more. This program involves all members of the patient’s healthcare team, bridging the gap between healthcare professionals to help ensure the best outcomes for their health.

BestRx is dedicated to not only helping pharmacies run efficiently and cost effectively, but to helping pharmacies find ways to keep their patients as safe and healthy as possible. Our pharmacy management system programs allow you to monitor allergy and drug interaction warnings and information about prescription refills and expiration dates, enable thorough communication among all of a patient’s healthcare team members, and more. Call us at (877) 777-5758 or visit to request a demonstration of our products.