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Three Ways BestRx will Improve Your Pharmacy Operations

Posted on Jan 27, 2020

Entering a place of stagnation is no way to run a business. Instead, embrace change and maintain the success of your pharmacy with the help of BestRx!

Increase Profits with a Pharmacy Inventory System

At the end of the day – and really the beginning of the day as well – a pharmacy is a business. This means that remaining profitable is integral to remaining in operation so that all the services provided can continue to be available. Unfortunately, we are seeing many situations where local and independent pharmacies have to shut their doors. Community pharmacies should not die off and we believe that integrating the BestRx technology is a beneficial first step to your business. As a pharmacy inventory system, it enables you to track stock and acquisition costs to determine if you are being underpaid.

Improve Efficiency with Document Management

Technology is meant to simplify our lives and this holds true with BestRx. Your independent pharmacy will run more smoothly when information capturing, storage, and search are streamlined. You will be able to spend more time with your patients too. Document management enables you to scan and store all relevant documents so they are easily accessible.

Rally Patient Engagement with Clinical Alerts

Pharmacists do so much more than put prescriptions into bottles. They act as a valuable resource for patients to understand their medications and why they need to take them as prescribed. Healthcare costs have caused patients to take fewer trips to the doctor’s office and attempt self-care through more visits to the local pharmacy. One way to keep patients coming back to your pharmacy is by offering valuable advice. BestRx also includes clinical alerts that make use of demographics and patient history to notify patients about new medication opportunities or vaccines.

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