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Three Reports Your Pharmacy Should Be Running

Posted on Aug 27, 2020

Tap into the benefits of a pharmacy inventory system that enables accurate reporting. These three reports are highly beneficial for your pharmacy to run regularly to boost efficiency and profitability.

Usage Summary Report

Report daily, weekly, or monthly on usage by creating custom groups for patients, prescribers, and drugs. What medications have a higher demand and what is collecting dust on your shelves? The items that move more quickly will need to be ordered more frequently, so keeping extra in stock is necessary. Items with less of a demand can be ordered when the current supply completely depletes.

Workflow Report

Track the status of a prescription using this reporting feature. By creating a custom report, you can follow the life of a prescription up to the time of being dispensed.

  • Number of Prescriptions Filled
  • Time it Takes to Process a Prescription
  • Staff Member Who Most Recently Touched Prescription
  • Number of Prescriptions Ready for Pickup

Pharmacy Inventory Report

Know what you have in stock so you can remain profitable. This report allows you to understand the dollar value of what is on your shelves. BestRx provides a pharmacy inventory system that allows you to keep tabs on your products so you can easily filter the report and view the cost of your current inventory.

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