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Make minor adjustments that lead to increased profits by implementing the BestRx reporting features. As an independent pharmacy, it is in your best interest to track information pertaining to demographics, products, and sales. Keeping tabs on this valuable business information is a breeze with pharmacy software solutions from BestRx.

Built-In Reports

Access dozens of standard reports that help streamline your business and keep it moving forward.

Customized Reports

Make the BestRx reporting work for you. Take advantage of dozens of customizable reports, including:

  • Daily Log
  • Profit & Low Reimbursement
  • Refill-Reminder
  • Prescription Utilization
  • User Activity Log to Track Employee Actions
  • Audits for Changed & Deleted Prescriptions
  • Workflow

Format Flexibility

Export any report using a variety of formats including EXCEL, CSV, and text.

Sales Analysis

Track prescription and front-end sales trends enabling you to compare them from month to month and year to year.

Custom Report Groups

Create custom groups for patients, prescribers, drugs, and insurance plans.

There is no need for specialized training to use this straightforward software. Visit to learn more or to request a demo.