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Rely on BestRx for Pharmacy Software Solutions

Posted on Jan 18, 2021

Looking for new pharmacy software solutions? The BestRx team has developed a feature-rich system, providing a smooth, efficient system to help your independent pharmacy stay organized, on time, and ready for day-to-day tasks. Our system is designed to be intuitive, meaning your staff will find the system quite simple to adjust into their daily routine. There are many features our system allows for and is the go-to system for seamless pharmaceutical management. A few of our system features include:

  • Fast and flexible searching for patients, prescribers, drugs, plans, etc.
  • Electronic prescribing, including controlled prescriptions
  • Electronic refill requests
  • Automated weekly price updates
  • Fast and simple PDMP reporting, as well as simplified error correction
  • User activity log to track certain employee actions
  • Compound prescription report
  • Prescription utilization report

We are dedicated to supporting pharmacies all over the United States with the software solution we’ve developed as passionate programmers for pharmacists. We know a good independent pharmacy is run efficiently and effectively, which is why we created the best pharmacy software solution tailored to your business’ needs. For more information on our system, visit our website at and learn about all of the features we’ve developed and how seamlessly they can be integrated into your workplace.