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Pharmacists Can Support Men’s Health With eCare Plans

Posted on Nov 01, 2021

Movember” and “No-Shave November” have become increasingly popular, as men nationwide ditch their grooming products to bring awareness of physical and mental health issues affecting men. In addition to shelving their razors for the month, pharmacists can also support men’s health by administering eCare plans.

eCare plans are designed to:
  • Improve patient safety and reduce adverse drug events
  • Optimize medication use to produce better health outcomes
  • Promote better coordination of care across the patient’s entire care team
During an eCare Plan session, pharmacists:
  • Collect patient information including:
    • Current/past medication and medical history
    • Family history
    • Lifestyle habits and risk factors
    • Health goals
  • Assess the patient’s current therapies and identify opportunities to modify or enhance them 
  • Develop an individualized care plan, in collaboration with other members of their care team

Once the eCare plan has been developed, pharmacists monitor its effectiveness during scheduled follow up visits. This ongoing support enables the pharmacist to make modifications to the care plan when needed.

Through these comprehensive visits, pharmacists are also able to share vital information with the rest of the patient’s care team, including:

  • Medication adherence information (through ongoing medication reconciliation and MTM)
  • Clinical reconciliation information (including allergies, disease state and any new health concerns)
  • Immunization status

By administering eCare plans, pharmacists can become more integrated in their patient’s care team. This is especially true for male patients who are notorious for putting off visits to their doctor, but are still frequenting your pharmacy to fill their medications. This “Movember”, don’t miss the opportunity to support men’s health  by offering ePlan appointments.

To learn how you can utilize BestRx’s Pharmacy Management System to conduct eCare visits and easily share information with other members of your patient’s care team, click here to request a free demo, or if you are an existing BestRx customer, contact customer support.