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Improve Your Day-to-Day Operation with BestRx

Posted on Jun 29, 2020

Operating a local pharmacy should allow you to focus on your patients while feeling confident about the steady flow of what goes on behind the scenes. Seamlessly manage your inventory using BestRx. In addition to increasing efficiency, the pharmacy inventory system component does the hard work of keeping tabs for you.


Access what you have in stock and keep track as items are depleted. This can be automated if there is an EDI interface with your wholesalers. BestRx proudly interfaces with more than 25 different suppliers.


When you need to order more of something, BestRx allows you to easily create and send purchase orders.


Know when inventory is returned to the supplier. This also enables you to make a note of when inventory is transferred to another pharmacy.

With BestRx, we strive to help you streamline your business, increase your revenue, and enhance your ability to provide care for your patients. Visit to discover more about how we serve pharmacies.