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Go Paperless at your Pharmacy with BestRx

Posted on Aug 27, 2020

Go paperless with the pharmacy software solutions offered by BestRx. Not only is this a more eco-friendly route, it offers increased efficiency for your day-to-day tasks. Here are three of our beneficial products that help you achieve this with ease.

Electronic Signature Capture

An electronic signature pad makes capturing signatures easy and accurate. It also records the date and time the signature was taken, making audits, reporting, and verification even easier. Customize your signature pad with your logo and promotional information. Signatures include:

  • Prescription
  • Credit Card
  • PSE

Electronic Faxing

Simple, reliable, and cost-effective, our e-fax solution eliminates the need for printouts or landlines. You can easily send electronic faxes directly from BestRx in order to receive prescription communications and to send prior authorization requests. Due to HIPPA-Compliance, all health information is 100% secure for your peace of mind.

Electronic Prescribing

Send and receive accurate prescription information. By partnering with the Surescripts network, BestRx enables your pharmacy to instantly access prescriptions. No rifling through papers or manual record keeping. This saves time and improves workflow. BestRx is EPCS-certified for controlled prescriptions.

Discover the difference BestRx can make for your pharmacy by exploring all of the products we provide. Visit BestRx.com to schedule a demo.