The BestRx Pharmacy Management Software is Relentlessly Committed to your Success

The BestRx product suite is designed to help your business become more competitive and profitable. BestRx’s signature product consists of the company’s pharmacy management system, a Windows-based software program that can help you manage your independent pharmacy more efficiently. The BestRx system allows you to search quickly for patients and prescriptions, process refill requests, access drug-allergy warnings, check weekly drug price updates, scan patient IDs, view claims, manage inventory, and robust reporting.

The BestRx system includes a suite of products such as POS software, electronic signature capture, and document management. Please fill out the form on this page, and we’ll be happy to reach out and show you what the BestRx pharmacy management system can do for your business.

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Studies show nearly 50% of patients don’t take their chronic medication as prescribed. Non-adherence can lead to a decline in positive patient outcomes and pharmacy profit. Pharmacies  are the front line when it comes to patient adherence, and BestRx has features to help you find an approach that works for their needs, improving your profits, patient outcomes and customer satisfaction.

Patient Engagement

Healthcare costs, deductibles, and co-pays continue to rise each year causing patients to make fewer trips to the doctor’s office. This also leads to an increase in self-care and more trips to their local pharmacy.

By utilizing the tools within BestRx, you can offer better advice and care to your patients, keeping you at the forefront as a valued and trusted medical professional.


Technology is changing our day-to-day lives, and it doesn’t stop at the pharmacy. BestRx provides time and money-saving solutions to automate everyday tasks so you don’t have to.


There’s a lot to juggle when owning an independent pharmacy. Information capturing, storage, and search can take up valuable time you could be spending with your patients. At BestRx, we’ve designed features to make your pharmacy run more efficiently, shortening the time it takes to do daily tasks.