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Local Inventory on Google for BestPOS

Local Inventory on Google is available as a free download, direct to your BestPOS point of sale system.

After downloading Local Inventory on BestPOS, your in-store products will be automatically synced to your Business Profile on Google and can appear free of charge across Google Search, Maps, and the Shopping tab. You also have the option to expand your reach by launching product-based Local Inventory Ads right from your Business Profile in just two simple steps. 

Note: In order for Local Inventory on Google to work for your store, you must be using UPC/EAN barcodes on your products. You will also need a verified Google Business Profile. 

How to install Local Inventory on Google

To install Local Inventory on Google onto BestPOS, you will need to complete the following steps: 

  1. Login to your BestPOS Admin account.
  2. Select ‘Administration‘ and then ‘Data Interface Setup‘.
  3. Enter the store owner details (last name, first name, phone number and email address).
  4. Click ‘Register with Local Inventory on Google‘.
  5. The BestRx Support Team will complete the remaining steps to enable the integration in BestPOS on your behalf. You will also receive an email notification from Google outlining the actions you will need to take to complete the signup. 
  1. Local Inventory Setup Screen in BestPOS
Questions or Concerns?

Contact the BestRx support team by emailing or calling 630-893-9210.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am already using a product reader to add my products to Google. How do I switch over to using Local Inventory on Google on BestPOS?

A: If you are already using a product reader and wish to use the BestPOS integration please reach out to Local Inventory on Google support by filling out this request form 

Q: What information/data does Google receive when I download this integration on BestPOS?

A: Google will receive information related to the product barcode numbers stored in your BestPOS. The information from the barcode will be used to find an image and description to match each item from a comprehensive database. This info is then synced to your Google Business Profile. Google will also receive information related to your BestPOS inventory, stock levels and sales history (to estimate stock levels on your page). Your store’s data is important to us and Google ensures that it is protected at all times. 

Q: How do I access my Local Inventory on Google account?

A: After you sign up, you will be able to manage everything directly from your Google Business Profile. You can find more information on how to do this here.

Q: How much does the Local Inventory on Google integration cost?

A: The core Local Inventory on Google service (adding your OTC items to your Google Business Profile) is completely free for BestPOS users.