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101: Welcome to BestRx
In this video we talk about what BestRx is and the role it serves in pharmacy operations, we go over accessing the educational resources pharmacies have access to, and finally we mention some video series that may assist in getting oriented with the software.
102-C: BestRx & E-Signature
In this video we talk about the Electronic Signature program or E-Sig. Topics will include, explaining what the E-Sig program is, pulling up prescriptions for a patient in the program, capturing signatures for those prescriptions, how to delete a signature, and the Dispensed Signature Log.
102-D: Transferring RXs
In this video we talk about Transferring Rx’s in the BestRx Software. Topics include, transferring an entire prescription, transferring a single fill for a prescription, Electronic transfers, adding to the transfer pharmacy file, and the transfer Rx report.
104: Intro to Split Billing
In this video we talk about the coordination of benefits or split billing process between insurances in BestRx. We review linking insurances in the patient file, split billing from the claim response screen, and configuring the system to auto prompt for split billing.
104-A: COB Terms & Other Coverage Codes
In this video, we review, what Split Billing is, and when it is used, the purpose of an Explanation of Benefits, and the information it includes, and the most common Other Coverage Codes you will encounter.
104-B: Performing Split Billing in BestRx
In this video we continue to explore coordination of benefits between insurances, also referred to as “COB” or split billing. Topics include, manual split billing in BestRx, and how to automate the split billing process.
104-C: Split Billing for Medicare-Medicaid & COB Rejections
In this video, we cover more complex split billing situations, including Split billing from Medicare to Medicaid, Locating your state’s Medicaid Payor Sheet, and Understanding and addressing rejections.
107-C: Creating a Compound in BestRx
In this video we cover common compound types, adding compound ingredients in the Drug File, and Calculating a compound’s price.
107-D: Compound Claim Rejections & Reports
In this video we cover how to submit a compound claim to insurance, address common compound rejections, and use the compound drug report.
108: Intro to Accounts Receivable
In this video we introduce Charge Accounts, we go over what they are, how to enable them within the software, how to enter a transaction, and finally where a patient’s balance displays in the software.
108-A: A/R Payments
In today’s video we talk about processing payments for Charge Accounts. Topics include the different methods of taking payments and the process of reversing payments.
108-B: A/R Administration
In this video we look at the administrative side of Charge Accounts. This includes printing statements, various related reports, and transferring transactions from one Charge Account to another.
115-A: Intro to Messaging Interface
In this video we talk about the Messaging Interface in BestRx and provide you with information on, the benefits of this feature, the types of messages available, and how to activate the Messaging Interface.
115-B: Using the Messaging Interface
In this video, we continue to explore the functionality of the BestRx Messaging Interface, including how to: access your messaging queues and settings, use the two-way chat feature, enable automated alerts and initiate manual alerts, customize messages and manage your outbound messaging queue report. This way, it’s easy to stay in contact with your customers.
130-A: BestPOS Standard Operating Hardware
This video can be used as a guide, to help you unbox your hardware and connect it for the first time. We’ll review the: Basic hardware packages. Types of hardware we recommend. Typical number of cable connections to expect per device.  Once all your hardware is connected, please contact our support team to install the…
134-C: Department Management
In this video we talk about department management in the BestPOS system. Topics include creating departments, adding items to those departments, tracking sales by department, and printing shelf stickers.