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106: Intro to Inventory Management
In this video we take a look at the basics of inventory management. Topics discussed include adding suppliers to your system, performing manual updates, the different inventory reports, and what EDI is and how it may benefit your pharmacy.
106-A: Advanced Inventory Options
In this video we explore the more advanced Inventory Options. Topics discussed include returning inventory to suppliers, transferring inventory between pharmacies, and Resetting the Inventory.
106-B: Understanding EDI
In this video we take a deeper look at EDI. Topics include file types, purchase orders, processing files, and addressing errors.
131: BestPOS Admin: Intro to Retail Management
In this video we will introduce you to managing your Retail Store and using the BestPOS Administration mode.
131-A: BestPOS Admin: Inventory Basics
This video covers the inventory basics and creating register shortcut buttons.
134-B: Manual Inventory Management
In this video we will talk about Managing a pharmacy’s inventory manually using the BestPOS Admin Program. Topics discussed include adding a supplier, adding an invoice, linking a supplier to an item, setting a minimum Quantity on Hand for an item, tracking inventory, and finally we go over the re-order report.