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152: BestRx Shipping Integrations Overview
In this video we introduce the shipping integrations BestRx supports, as well as go over the various shipping related screens pharmacies may use to mail or ship their patient’s prescriptions direct to their door.
152-A: UPS Shipping Integration
In this video we cover the shipping integration between BestRx and UPS, as well as go over the various shipping related screens you may use to print labels and begin the process of shipping medications to your patients.
152-B: Fedex Shipping Integration
In this video we cover the workflow for Creating Orders for a FedEx integration, printing labels for shipping, and how to track deliveries within BestRx. We also covered some of the interface settings, and services FedEx may offer.
153: Mobile Delivery App
In this video, we review the Mobile Delivery App for BestRx and BestPOS. Topics include, downloading the app, registering devices to your pharmacy, initiating a delivery in BestRx & BestPOS, and processing deliveries in the app. For pricing information speak with our sales team, for device compatibility check your devices app store to ensure the…
153-A: Smart Routing for Mobile Delivery
In this video we cover the optional add-on feature for the Mobile Delivery App – Smart Routing. Topics include, what Smart Routing is and its benefits, how to add it to your Mobile Delivery app, and using Smart Routing. 
153-B: Delivery Provider Integrations
In this video we talk about a courier service that integrates with BestRx to provide scheduling, transport, and confirmation of delivery for prescriptions.
154: TeleHealth Services: Bestrx and
Telehealth counseling provided by is a powerful free tool, that allows your pharmacy to reach your patients remotely, while prioritizing everyone’s health.
155: BestPOS Online Web Payment
This video goes over how pharmacies using BestPOS, with an integrated credit card processor; can send online orders to their patients for payment. Patients can then electronically sign, and request delivery of their rx’s from the pharmacy.