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5 Reasons Pharmacies Can’t Afford NOT to Invest in Technology

Posted on Feb 23, 2022

There are a million reasons why you may put off investing in pharmacy management software. However, most pharmacies can’t afford to wait. Here are five reasons pharmacies should invest in technology: 

Manual processes take timeManual processes are time consuming

When you’re busy, it may not feel like the ‘right time’ to implement a new pharmacy management system.

However, manually completing repetitive tasks uses valuable staff time. Automating them with BestRx is quicker and more efficient. Plus, eliminating those unnecessary steps will free you up to focus on what matters – your patients.

Manual processes are prone to errorsManual processes are prone to errors

It can be easy to fall into an ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ mentality and put technology upgrades on hold.

However, your manual workflow may be more “broken” and prone to errors than you think. By automating workflows, you can eliminate mistakes caused by human error. Plus, the BestRx software has additional verification and auditing tools to prevent errors and protect patient safety.

Manual errors cost moreManual processes actually cost more

With increasingly tight budgets and shrinking reimbursements, you may think you ‘can’t afford’ pharmacy management software.

However, manual processes cost your pharmacy more – in time and in fees DIR, switch and restocking fees. Using BestRx, you can easily verify benefits, submit electronic PAs and claims or send automated reminders.

manual processes don't add valueManual processes don’t add value

You may think you don’t need all the ‘bells and whistles’ and prefer to stick to the basics.

However, patients expect fast, easy access to their medications. To compete with the conveniences offered by retail chains, with BestRx you can offer:

  • Custom, per-dose packaging
  • Delivery options & contactless payment
  • Medication Synchronization
  • Online refill and appointment requests
  • Two-way text/email messaging
manual processes lack data Manual processes lack data

You may feel like you have a good handle on your pharmacy operations and don’t need any additional reporting.

However, without pharmacy software, it’s difficult to keep tabs on metrics in real-time. BestRx software includes robust, easy-to-access reporting. This includes current or historical data that can be filtered by store or for an entire group. Plus, reports can be sent to you automatically and accessed remotely using an online portal.

Don’t put it off until tomorrow. Invest in your growth and schedule a free demo today!