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Why Pharmacies Choose BestRx

3 Reasons Pharmacies Choose BestRx

Posted on Dec 06, 2021

As an independent pharmacy owner, we know how much time, energy and resources you have invested in your business. That’s why you need a software partner that is just as committed to helping your pharmacy thrive.

Pharmacy management software enables you to operate more efficiently and profitably, while providing added convenience for your patients. Although many companies offer similar functionality, it’s important to consider other factors before selecting a software provider.

Beyond our robust, user-friendly features, here are three reasons independent pharmacies choose (and stay with) BestRx:

1. We’re an independent, family-owned company – just like you!

Why it matters: For nearly 40 years, BestRx has proudly remained a family-run business. This means we understand first-hand the passion, dedication and focus it takes to make an independently owned business a success. 

We also know how important it is to be able to maintain your autonomy. That’s why it’s important to choose partners that want to work alongside you to grow your business, versus a large corporation that wants to tell you how to run your business.


2. We utilize a local, in-house support team.

Why it matters: When your busy pharmacy needs help, you don’t have time to waste and shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get support. We’ve all experienced the frustrations of dealing with an oversees call center or unreasonably long wait times. That’s why BestRx offers easy access to support, whenever you need us.

Our industry-leading customer support team is based right here in the United States and can be easily reached via phone or by submitting a request online. Whether you’ve purchased a new equipment that needs to be setup, you’re experiencing a technical issue, or you have a question about your software, our experienced team is ready to help. No third-party call centers, no long waits, just real people providing you with real solutions.


3. We’re flexible and collaborative.

Why it matters: We are committed to helping our independent pharmacy clients succeed. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and want our software to work for you, not the other way around. That’s why we offer pharmacy owners the ability to choose what functionality best fits their needs – and their budget.

We are also responsive to the shifting needs of our clients and their patients, adding new integrations and innovative features to our software. Plus, you can upgrade or change your software features at any time, so we can continue to best support the needs of your pharmacy overtime.


At BestRx, we don’t want to just sell you software, we want to be your trusted business partner, working together to ensure your continued growth and long-term success. Schedule a free demo today and find out why so many of your peers choose BestRx as their pharmacy management software provider.