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Dietary Supplements behind Glass at Pharmacy | BestRx.comWe know that people in need of a pharmacy have lots of options available to them. It seems there’s a pharmacy located in just about every big-box store you go into, and then of course there are the national chains of pharmacies that you can find on nearly every street corner in most major American cities. What all these pharmacy chains are trying to express to you is convenience. They’re located everywhere, so why not use them, they seem to be saying.

But community pharmacies continue to have their advantages, particularly those pharmacies that have employed the BestRx pharmacy management system to make their business easier to run. Here are a few reasons why we think you’ll want to stick with your local pharmacy despite the presence of big chains:

1) In the mid-2010s, about 70 percent of independent pharmacies served geographical areas of about 50,000 people or fewer. These types of pharmacies contribute to their relatively small communities by providing them with needed prescriptions at affordable prices. They also bring jobs to their neighborhoods and tend to contribute to local philanthropic causes.

2) Customer service in local pharmacies is likely to be of a higher quality than in national pharmacy chains. Community pharmacies usually have one long-time owner who develops personal relationships with customers.

3) Community pharmacies may be able to offer customers more services than national chains could. This can involve home delivery of prescription medications, a great convenience for older or disabled customers.

With all of these advantages to using local pharmacies, it makes sense that the pharmacies themselves should ensure they are running at optimal efficiency. The pharmacy management system from BestRx helps local pharmacies better serve their communities. Visit BestRx.com to learn more.